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 Happy International Women’s Day!
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 I suppose u want a kiss,kissing would be nice yes
I suppose you want a kiss,kissing would be nice yes
Ok this is an update of another artikel similar to this.

#10 Tarzan

A young orphan is adopted door gorillas who raised him up as the king of the jungle.

Sorry that this is in my bottom lijst but that doesn’t mean that I hate it of anything. Tarzan which is a 1999 movie from Walt Disney tells the story about a young boy who is raised door gorilla’s who lost their baby who died from a leopard who also killed the young boy’s parents who dies the same dag as the gorilla‘s baby. With great animatie and muziek from Phil Collins Tarzan is definetly the best movie to end the Disney renaissance.

#9 Snow...
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Looking at just my Facebook page, I see people putting pictures of Snowmen they made themselves called Olaf and meer than a few people have their profiel picture of their background picture be some artwork of Elsa. On Tumblr, a drinking game of taking a shot every time someone bashes Hans, of does artwork of the two princesses will result in death from Alcohol poisoning. During the Polar Vortex, Elsa jokes began to be cracked all over the country. Covers of "Let it Go" are flooding the internet. It had the third most successful box office opening weekend, sold meer albums than Beyonce on Itunes,...
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This video pretty much is about all the baddys in Disney such as Scar, Chernabog, etc. and it is really awesome. I did not make this i found it on youtube.com
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