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 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs achtergrond
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs achtergrond
snow white and the seven dwarfs
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Obviously there have been many a dreamy actor to grace the Disney tv/movie screens but here is a short lijst of who I think is the most dreamy of them all!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to give me feedback so I can update and make this lijst the best of all time!!!!!

1. Zac Efron (High School Musical): Clearly the best looking actor of all time in my personal opinion. Not only does he have the looks but he can sing and dance!!! Boom Baby is all I have to say!

2. David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place): Not nearly as dreamy as Zac Efron but still fairly cute in his own right. Plus he got to hang...
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I know how some people can't stand sequels. But recently I was looking up Oliver and Company on Deviantart and one piece of artwork struck me. Just check this out!

As requested of me door John some time ago, this is an illustration for a sequel to Disney's "Oliver and Company." As far as we know, one is not in the works, but I've heard that it was once slated for production. Anywho, in our little, pretend film here, we pick up a few years later. Everyone is a bit older and there are a few new characters. The villain of our story is Sykes's wicked widow. We also have two puppy siblings,...
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20. vrienden on the Other Side (The Princess and the Frog). WARNING- I'm a disney villain fan. So obviously, this song needed to be there. It's very new, which may have helped it get this low on the list. But it's got lots of pizaz and I like the forshadowing in the lyrics, so it needed to be on this list.

19.Strange Things (Toy Story). I love this entire soundtrack, but this song takes the cake. Probably because I love the underdog. And this entire song is devoted to the main character becoming seconde fiddle. The scene going along with this song is also really good and memorable, and I like...
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Here's some difference I found between the Little Mermaid book, and movie, here they are.

1. In the movie, The Little Mermaid has a name (Ariel, but in the book, she's just called The Little Mermaid.

2. A girl finds the prince on the kust-, oever after the Little Mermaid saves him, but, in the movie, Max and Grimsby finds him.

3.In the book, The Little Mermaid has 5 sisters, and lives with her father, and her grandmother. In the movie, she has 6 sisters, and only lives with her father.

4. The sea witch cuts the little mermaid's tongue off, instead of, like in the movie, putting it in a necklace.

5. When...
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