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This is a hard one to tackle. It is so hard that I was tempted to skip it, but then, this is one of Disney’s truly successful non-animated movies, and it is based on what used to be a very well-known book. I write “used to be” because I honestly doubt that many people have read it nowadays, and when asked about the content, they would most like revert to one of the many adaptations.

The thing is, even before the first films about this were made, the original text has a somewhat unique history, since it was never intended for publication. The Swiss Pastor Johann David Wyss wrote the stories...
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A lijst like this is something I should have made a long time ago. But here's the thing: a lijst like this is almost impossible for a huge Disney nut like me to make. There are so many great titles out there, it's hard to pick just 10 as my favorieten in a specific order. I may have known my top, boven 3 long before considering this list, but I only recently figured out the other 7. Anyway, all useless filler aside, let's begin shall we? Also, this is just what I think, not what the whole world thinks, okay?

10) The Lion King- The only reason this is at number 10 is because, well, Simba is kind of a dumb...
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 animatie offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world. - Walt Disney
Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world. - Walt Disney
I had a hard time choosing who would and who wouldn't make the lijst because there are so many great Disney movies. This is not a movie analysis, I will just say the stuff I mainly love about each movie. So this is my personal top, boven 10 Disney Animated films I enjoy watching the most.

 10. The Jungle Book
10. The Jungle Book

The songs are catchy and the characters are cool. I don't even know why I love the Jungle Book so much, it's just a funny and very enjoyable movie to watch.

 9. Robin kap
9. Robin Hood

The action scenes are amusing and some scenes would get me so upset, like how the rich were so heartless. Robin Hood...
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Yesterday, I did round 3 on the 4 remaining renaissance films, and this round was unexpected in some ways, and unexpected in other ways. u guys have made your choice about which films are the two best films, and here are the results.

The Little Mermaid vs Aladdin vs The Lion King vs Mulan

These four films are definitely one of the better received films of the Renaissance, and these films are practically always in a person's top, boven 10. Even though Mulan is the least critically acclaimed film, it does have the least criticism of the four. From the beginning of the round, The Lion King was taking...
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posted by Pyjamarama
We are Siameeiz if u pleeiz
We are Siameeiz if u don't please
We are former residents of Siam
There are no finer cats than we am
We are Siamese with very dainty claws
Please observing paws containing dainty claws
Now we lookin' over our new domicile
If we like we stay for maybe quite a while
(whisper:) do u see that thing swimming round and round?
yesssssssss mabey we could reaching in and make it drown
if we sneak in not to fool it carefully
there will be a head for u a tail for me

(whisper continued...) Do u hear what I hear? (grrrrrr)
a baby cry
where we finding baby there are melk nearby
if we look in baby buggy there could be
plenty melk for u and also some for me
All aboard! All aboard!

Here, you! What's going on?

Down. Mrs.Jumbo, down!

Surround her. Tie her down.

Get down!

Calm down! Tie her down!

Have I got an idea! What an idea!

Huh. He never had an idea in his life.

Just visualize: One olifant climbs up...

on top, boven of another olifant until finally...

all elephants...

have constructed an enormous pyramid...

of pachyderms.

I step out.

I blow the whistle.

- Yeah. - The trumpets are trumpeting.

- Yeah. - And now...

comes the climax!

Yeah? What is the climax?

Hmm. I don't know.

I knew he never had nothin'.

Well, maybe it comes to me...

in a vision while...
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This artikel is just going to be me saying what type of pretty Disney woman are. The types of pretty that will be included are *cute-pretty, pretty-pretty, hot-pretty, sexy-pretty, beautiful-pretty, gorgeous-pretty, stunning-pretty, seductive-pretty. This is not in any order from most pretty to least pretty although I do think that the prettiest is Esmeralda.

Snow White- Pretty-pretty. What makes her pretty-pretty is probably the fact that she is not overwhelmingly stunning of anything she has rosy red cheeks and pretty black hair but I don't think she could classified under anything else except...
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 1. Wendy
1. Wendy
All The Peter Pan Characters are boring. But i have to put top, boven 3.

1. Wendy-Wendy is the most boring character ever. I hate her. She screams three times. Wendy shouts and is annoying.

2. Captain Hook's pirates-Captain Hook's pirates are really boring indeed. I hate them. They sing boring songs. Not good. Don't trust them.

3. Jane-Jane is a brat in my opinion. She screams too. I hate her shouting, sounding like a tiny kid, gasping, talking rudely and sounding like the Bambi characters. Yes, Jane is the worst character she is. Very worse. I'm sick of seeing Jane. She's such a beast she is. I don't know why she's a tomboy, but she does look like Hogarth from The Iron Giant. If u like all the disney characters and u have favourites, don't pick these characters.
 2. Captain Hook's Pirates
2. Captain Hook's Pirates
 3. Jane
3. Jane
posted by Pyjamarama
Aladdin-PEDDLER: Oh I come from a land
From a faraway place
Where the caravan camels roam
Where they cut off your ear /Where it's flat and immense
If they don't like your face /And the heat is intense
It's barbaric, but hey--it's home!
When the wind's at your back
And the sun's from the west
And the sand in the glass is right
Come on down,
Stop on by
Hop a carpet and fly
To another Arabian night!

Arabian nights
Like Arabian days
meer often than not
Are hotter than hot
In a lot of good ways

Arabian nights
'Neath Arabian moons
A fool off his guard
Could fall and fall hard
Out there on the dunes....
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I've realized that Pixar has a lot of sad/bittersweet moments. I have either cried of teared up in almost ALL of the Pixar movies, with a few exceptions. So, I decided that I should take my top, boven 5 Saddest Pixar Moments and turn it into an article. Enjoy!

*Just to mention these are not in any specific order!*

-Toy Story 3: When Andy Drives away, leaving his Toys behind with Bonnie.

This moment in the movie crushes my heart. He's playing with his toys for the last time. Reliving memories that he had when he was younger. And then, he has to get up and leave, leaving his toys with Bonnie. SO SAD. I'd...
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