Disney Out of these options, what part did u like in the movie The Little Mermaid most?

Pick one:
The happy ending, ofcoarse! :]
The part where Eric and Ariel "talk" for the first time
Where Ariel sings to Eric
This part
♪ Part Of Your World ♪
Where Ursula takes Ariel's voice
♪ Kiss The Girl ♪
Where Ariel rescues Eric
Where Eric protects Ariel
♪ Under The Sea ♪
♪ Daughters of Triton ♪ hahaha
Ariel enters in with her dress
Gee I don't know. The whole movie is my favoriete part :]
Where Ariel cries towards the end
Where Eric spins Ariel and then kisses her
Where Eric and Ariel dance
Where Ariel listens in
"He loves me, He loves me not"
Where Ariel gets her voice back
 _Beach_Bliss_ posted een jaar geleden
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