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posted by medouri
Tamako Nobi (Rukia Nobi) (野比 玉子 Nobi Tamako?)
Voice actors: Noriko Ohara (1973), Sachiko Chijimatsu (1979~March 2005), Kotono Mitsuishi (April 2005~)
Voice actor (Young): Tomoko Kawakami
Tamako (born on 16 February), is Nobita's stay-at-home mother and the series main antagonist. She can be very strict, is usually seen scolding Nobita, grounding him, of sending him out of the house (a typical Japanese household punishment used door parents). She is disappointed door his lazy attitude and academic failures. Several episodes involve Nobita trying to avoid his mother’s scolding door using Doraemon’s gadgets. Her maiden name is revealed to be 'Kataoka'. She has a tendency of stopping Nobita from going out to play and force him to study. However, on cold weather days, she almost always urges Nobita to go out and play. In a couple of episodes, Nobita sees her in the past. She is proved to be braver than Nobita.

Nobisuke Nobi (Marvim Nobi) (野比 のび助 Nobi Nobisuke?)
Voice actors: Ichirō Murakoshi (1973), Masayuki Katō (1979~October 1992), Yōsuke Naka (October 1992~March 2005), Yasunori Matsumoto (April 2005~)
Voice actors (Young): Noriko Ohara (1979), Eiko Yamada (1984~1985), Noriko Ohara (1987), Yumiko Kobayashi (2005)
Nobisuke (born on 12 March), is Nobita's father and laid-back salaryman. He is very considerate of Nobita, often seen arriving home pagina from work to placate Tamako's anger towards Nobita; this habit may come from Nobisuke's own childhood, since his father (and Nobita's grandfather) was very similar to Tamako. He has trouble quitting smoking and is self-conscious about his inability to pass the driving test. He also has a poor memory, is a borderline alcoholic, and sometimes arrives home pagina drunk from nightly business meetings. He was once an aspiring art student. He also likes golf, which most Japanese businessmen and employees play.

Sewashi (セワシ?)
Voice actors: Keiko Yamamoto (1973), Yoshiko Ōta (1980~March 2005), Sachi Matsumoto (August 2005)
Nobita's great-great-grandson, he is the one who sends Doraemon back to the past to look after Nobita. Sewashi first bought Doraemon in 2112 when Doraemon still had ears and his original factory paint. He sent him because his pocket money was not much due to the debts the family inherited from Nobita. He shows to have meer common sense and smarter than Nobita. Sewashi is also the owner of Doraemon's sister, Dorami.

Nobisuke Nobi (野比ノビスケ Nobi Nobisuke?)
Voice actors: Noriko Ohara (1979~March 2005), Yoshiko Kamei (April 2005~)
Nobita and Shizuka's son, named after Nobita's father. Though being as stupid as his father, he's a strong child and a good athlete, and brave enough to bully Gian and Suneo's sons. In the first time he met the presnt Nobita, he even beat up him because regarding him as an impostor.

Nobirou Nobi (野比のび郎 Nobi Nobirou?)
Nobisuke's younger brother. He had been working overseas, and had many animal encounters in India. He adores his brother very much, and is welcomed the most door his nephew in New year, because of the money he gives him on that date.

Tamao Kataoka (片岡 玉夫 Kataoka Tamao?)
Tamako's younger brother and Nobita's uncle. He's a timid car salesman.

Nobisuke's Mother
Nobita adored her but she died when he was in kindergarten, before the main storyline. When Nobita travels to the past, she always recognizes him as her grandson even if he has grown up. She appeared in a few episodes.

Nobiru Nobi (野比 のびる Nobi Nobiru?)
Nobisuke's father, who passed away evn earlier than Nobita's birth. He was very strict and very rude to Nobisuke, though after all he loved him very much. His grandson only seen him when he travelled to the past. Despite being harsh to Nobisuke, he enjoys indulging his grandson.
posted by CoolAniket
(First song)

Jindagi sawar dun
ik nai bahaar dun
duniya hi badal manen, dun mai to
pyara sa chamatkar hun
mai kisi ka sapna hun
jo aaj ban gaya hai sach
ab ye mera sapna hai ki
sab ke sapne sach mai karoon
aasma ko chunlun
titli ban udun
Han helicopter
la la la la
mai hun ik udta robo doraemon
mai hun ik udta robo doraemon

(Second song)

Jeene ka sahi dhang,

Seekho tum iske sang,

Sare jamane,

Jaane pahchane,

Ye hai Doraemon,

Chahe bacche ya bade,

Sabka ye dulara hai,

Hai bada hi pyara Doraemon,

Doraemo..on, Doraemo..on,

Hai bada pyara,

Dost hamara,


Doraemo..on, Doraemo..on,

Lal, lala, lala,

Lal, lala, lala,

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posted by ThunderJJ
 Saki, Gian's niece
Saki, Gian's niece
I love this episode in which Gian's niece Saki makes an appearance. Saki believes in ancient Asian legends and myths. Just like any other child, Saki too wants to see the haas in the moon that makes rijst cakes .
Gian and Saki were sitting near the Windows when it was dark outside. Saki spotted the full moon and instantly was reminded of the old tale. She asked her "uncle Gian" if there really are rabbits in the moon making rijst cakes. It's difficult to answer a child's innocent questions. He/she will not be satisfied no matter how much we explain. The only way is to toon it to them somehow or...
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theme song
hoat hinh doremon
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