Dr. James E. Wilson Dedicated Fan!

jameswilson posted on Jan 05, 2009 at 11:28PM
Awesome, go me!

Hah, I was very pleased to find this new medal and thought I would share it with the world!


Dr. James E. Wilson 7 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden midnyte007 said…
Congrats on your medal, jameswilson.
een jaar geleden jameswilson said…


een jaar geleden Biathine said…
Woohoo! XD Congrats! World needs more jimmy-dedicated fans! :P
een jaar geleden midnyte007 said…
Indeed. A little off-topic, but I love how everyone who has posted in this thread so far has a Wilson icon.
een jaar geleden Chandlerfan said…
Sorry to buck the trend with a non-Wilson icon! =P

Congrats jameswilson! =D
You'll soon be on your way to die hard ;D
een jaar geleden TheHiddenCane said…
Congrats! :D!

May you be a die hard soon.:P
een jaar geleden Aerohead said…

James is very proud!!!!!That is good on your part! ;)