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huddygirl2 posted on Apr 08, 2010 at 10:21PM
This could go ether way
1.a fanfic oc
2.might to be a fanfic oc but then gived up
3.a oc made just for fun.
just tall us and you can tall us anyway you want.
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een jaar geleden Bery said…
...what? :s
een jaar geleden huddygirl2 said…
oc Original character means you just made a character that's not part of the show so am asking people to tall me if their ever made up a woman for Wilson if you still don't get want am saying here is point of view from wiki
Stands for original character, i.e. a character created by the author of the fan fiction, as opposed to one already existing in canon. OMC is an original male character, and OFC is an original female character, though the more general and gender-neutral OC label is more prevalent. OMC and OFC may also mean other male character and other female character in less common instances.
een jaar geleden Bery said…
Yeah, I know what an OC is, I just don't get what you wanted us to write. About whether we have ever imagined an OC that we ship with Wilson? If we have ever written a fanfic about that? Is that what you mean?
een jaar geleden huddygirl2 said…
een jaar geleden Thelover said…