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posted by courtney7488
Quotes are from www.imdb.com

"Lost: The Little Prince (#5.4)" (2009)
Charlotte Lewis: Where did these come from?
Daniel Faraday: That's a good question. They're pretty old.
Miles Straume: They're not that old.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: Let me see that.
[reads a bottle label]
James 'Sawyer' Ford: "Ajira".
Juliet Burke: Ajira. It's an airline. It's based out of India, but they fly everywhere.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: Great. Maybe they've got a flight out of here to Vegas.

Juliet Burke: Camp's back.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: Finally. Anybody for a Dharma beer? Hello? Anybody here?

James 'Sawyer' Ford: Who came in these?...
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posted by blackparade
Juliet Burke, as u probably know, was a member of the 'Others' that is now hangin' with Jack's group of losties. Lots of curious people have been askin me "why do u like Juliet? she's stupid!" of whatever.

First of all, I feel bad for her! She misses her sister, she can't go home, and Ben killed Goodwin! Ben is so in her face and treats her like link!

Secondly, she holds up very well for someone who's on the wrong side of an obsession, and is basically being held captive on a crazy death-island. I love her character and the way she handles crazy situations.I think she is the best thing to...
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Just recently, I watched this video door someone called "fadingspark" on youtube. Its called "Whispers in the Dark(ben/juiet)".

Being a LOST fan, I totally got it. PLUS it turned me on to this band "Skillet". They are amazing!

What really got me was how well the song fits their situation. Here are the lyrics:

Despite the lies that you're making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is
Just waiting
To turn your tears to roses

I will be the one that's gonna hold u
I will be the one that u run to
My love is
A burning, consuming brand

You'll never be alone
When darkness comes I'll...
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