Dragon Ball Z Sonic vs Goku

NearRyuzaki posted on Oct 28, 2011 at 07:57AM
Who would win? Both characters are in it to win it, so both aren't holding back.

Scenario 1: Both start in base but have access to all CANON forms, so no ss4 Goku or Archie Sonic.

Scenario 2: Same as above apart from all forms are accessible.

Location: Hyperbolic time chamber, 50 meters apart.

I'll let people on Goku's side start this off.

PS: Please debate not just say 'goku/sonic wins' and leave.

Dragon Ball Z 5 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
i think goku could win small chance because sonic isnt that strong but has speed on his side goku might not be able get shot in he has strength to his advantage so if goku could could get one lucky shot in he might be able win so yeah goku could win say 60-40 chance
een jaar geleden NearRyuzaki said…
All of this is fro scenario one btw, I seriously don't want to involve scenario two

Super Sonic beat an Omni-chronological being, exists in all of time, and became to exist in 1/3 of time during that fight.

Speed-wise Goku wouldn't be able to react. Someone going at mach 3 can't follow someone at mach 5, as an example. Now for their calc'd or on screen speeds:

Goku has been calc'd at around mach 1000.
Sonic on the other hand was approaching lightspeed, mach 880,000, and was saying that was slow. Now for thing called relativistic speeds, this section of speed varies from 1/10 of light speed, mach 880,000, to just before it. At these speeds a harmless pencil, that isn't capable of busting a thin piece of wood, has the destructive output of a nuke, not jk btw. So Sonic has nuke level punches casually in base form.
Overall: Sonic is 880 times faster casually, so for every punch Goku does Sonic has done 880

Destructive Output, I can feel the rage coming at me now as I write this part:
Goku has multi-planet level destructive output with his strongest moves.
Sonic like I said has nuke level punches when at speeds he calls slow and they aren't his best moves. Max would likely be multi mountain per hit. So it would take many hits before Goku falls.

Now for their durability:
Goku has planet to multi-planet durability
Sonic is actually much weaker in that department with only city level, so yes a punch from Goku would prop beat him if he ever got the chance.

Now for their hax abilities:
Goku: instant transmission, even though it is the only way Goku can keep up with Sonic, it is tactically a bad move since he would need to search for his ki sig.
Sonic: 2 words: Chaos Control. with this he can:
stop time
warp reality
go through time

so overall Sonic's got this 89/11 and thats being generous.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
every being has ki if goku could sense when sonic is coming the ki flame blast could knock him and give goku the chance to hit him with his all so all goku needs is one lucky shot and goku has been very lucky in db,z,gt so luck is on his side including his endurance so i'm saying there is a 60-40 thanks to sonic's speed and goku's luck, strength and endurance
een jaar geleden NearRyuzaki said…
Goku took a while to find Roshi's ki and he's been there for a 1/4 of his life, and goku moves to the spot where the ki was. like I said sonic is approx 880 times faster casually, by the time IT gets there Sonic would have moved. and those ki blasts are usually abit slower then the character, so Sonic would be able to dodge them.

GT+movies are only in Scenario 2 since they are non-canon and what you call look most people call Plot Induced Stupidity, eg Broly's defeat in his 1st movie and Sonic also has this 'luck as well.
een jaar geleden VictoriaDBZ said…
Goku and Sonic are very powerful but Goku just get stronger and stronger, Sonic doesn't but Sonic is really fast, the only way Goku could catch up is with instant transmission
Sonic- really fast, only goes Super Sonic with emeralds and there's a limited time
Goku- gets stronger and stronger, goes Super Saiyan whenever we wants

Both are awesome though