Dragon Ball Z Best moment

lloyd2 posted on Jul 11, 2008 at 04:26PM
When Goku first achieved super saiyan to beat frieza

Dragon Ball Z 17 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden lloyd2 said…
so then Z heads whats your best moment. Dont just view, reply.
een jaar geleden caiti21 said…
Funny moment or awesome moment?
een jaar geleden lloyd2 said…
Either, but funny is vegeta putting on that badman shirt.
een jaar geleden Neofrieza95 said…
Funny moment: the ending of super android 13 movie.
Great moment: when kid buu defeated
een jaar geleden sandy7 said…
funny moment: toward the end of Z when piccolo says he cant figure out a phone (just the way he says it)
Great Moment: when gohan goes SS2 and takes the beans from Cell like a badass
een jaar geleden ssjvegeta said…
Funny moment is when bulma wants Vegeta to rest an he screams leave me alone!!!!

Great moment the beam sturgle between Gohan and Cell
een jaar geleden MrBigShot said…
funny moment:NA

great moment: when goku transform into a super saiyan 3
een jaar geleden stefan1988 said…
funny moment:when the z sword broken

great moment when goku transform for the first time in the super sayan
een jaar geleden GOTEN70 said…
Great moment when goku won his first world tournament
een jaar geleden harkamalsingh said…
dbz af is the best series
een jaar geleden DB_DBZ_fanatic said…
Naming gohan was awesome.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
funny was when candy vegito faced buu

great was when gohan went ssj2
een jaar geleden DB_DBZ_fanatic said…
Another funny one is when hercule tried to kill cell at the cell games and with one hit, flew into the cliffs but acts like he planned it out
een jaar geleden queencold said…
Roshi/Bulma moments
The Ginyu Force's entrance
Goku punching Jeice in the face
Goku biting Freeza's tail
Mr. Satan getting bitch-slapped by Cell
the fighting candy
Super Buu taking a dump
Kid Buu bellydancing

Bardock's rebelion
Goku transforming into a super saiyan for the first time
Super saiyan Vegeta owning Android 19
Cell being a boss on the news, as he announces the Cell games
Gohan bringing Cell to his knees as a super saiyan 2
een jaar geleden rollsroyse said…
Funny moment: Goku and Piccolo trying to earn their driver's license

Great moment: Vegeta's Final Flash to Perfect Cell destroying everything on the left side of Earth
een jaar geleden Bardock306 said…
best moment "does an android like yourself ever experience fear?!!"
-vegeta goes SSJ for first time
een jaar geleden hatsunemiku1 said…
Funny Moments:
Vegeta shaves
Pink shirt moment
Vegeta Destroys punching machine
Ginyu force posing

Best moments:
Goku turn SSJ1 for 1st time
SSJ2 Gohan Fighting Perfect Cell
Goku Makes Spirit bomb try to defeat Super Buu