Dragon Ball Z DRAGON BALL 30 dag Challenge! *FINISHED*

BraBrief posted on Feb 11, 2013 at 08:43PM
This game is very simple :) Each day* I'll post the challenge planned on the list and all you have to do is answer with your favorites!
You can add a picture, if you want :) Let's start!

DAY 1 - Favorite Male Character (any male character, villains, fusions are included)
DAY 2 - Favorite Female Character (any female character)
DAY 3 - Favorite Series: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z Or Dragon Ball GT?
DAY 4 - Favorite Battle
DAY 5 - Favorite Dragon Ball Z Super Villain: Frieza, Cell Or Majin Buu?
DAY 6 - Favorite Super Saiyan Form
DAY 7 - Favorite Episode (any episode, from any series)
DAY 8 - Goku Or Vegeta?
DAY 9 - Favorite Fusion (any official fusion from the manga/anime/movies)
DAY 10 - Favorite Attack
DAY 11 - Manga Or Anime?
DAY 12 - Favorite Villain (any villain, also a minor one)
DAY 13 - Most Epic Death
DAY 14 - Favorite Saga (any saga from any series)
DAY 15 - Favorite Couple (only official couples are allowed)
DAY 16 - Favorite Child
DAY 17 - Favorite Member Of Ginyu Force
DAY 18 - Favorite Saiyan
DAY 19 - Most Emotional Moment
DAY 20 - Favorite Movie
DAY 21 - Favorite Frieza Form
DAY 22 - Favorite Cell Form
DAY 23 - Favorite Majin Buu Form
DAY 24 - Coolest Invention
DAY 25 - Funniest Moment
DAY 26 - Favorite Family Relationship
DAY 27 - Favorite Character From A Movie
DAY 28 - Favorite Quote
DAY 29 - Favorite Friendship
DAY 30 - Who Do You Think Is The Strongest Chararacter Ever?

*if you miss a day it will not be a problem, you could answer anyway the next day ;)
 This game is very simple :) Each day* I'll post the challenge planned on the lijst and all u have to
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