Dragon Ball Z make dragon ball Z charater

mydogiscool posted on Apr 01, 2009 at 01:27AM
tell me about your dbz charater story line looks and moves and forms like super sayin1,2,3,4 or super namikian

Dragon Ball Z 22 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden mydogiscool said…
heres the pixture

his name is kyo kuisaki

he is a sayain that can go to super sayian 2
he was trained by goku him self
he nows
super kameahameha
special beam cannon
and dragon fist
 heres the pixture his name is kyo kuisaki he is a sayain that can go to super sayian 2 he was
een jaar geleden lloyd2 said…
sorry i dont have time to draw a decent picture.

Name:Oni, saiyan for onion
Bardock's brother and Goku's uncle
Moves: Rapid fire, Oni slash combo, Spirit cannon (like Bardock)
he can turn into an ozaru natrually.
he can reach Quasi-SSJ but can not turn into a full super saiyan.
een jaar geleden TDAPlayer158 said…
Name: Riku
Age: 32
Powers: Super Saiyan 1-5, 8 Arms Attack, Energy Sword, Kamehameha.
Relationship: Goten's Son
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 Name: Riku Age: 32 Powers: Super Saiyan 1-5, 8 Arms Attack, Energy Sword, Kamehameha. Relationship: G
een jaar geleden TDAPlayer158 said…
Join my super hero club.
een jaar geleden yoohoo467 said…
race:half namek half saiyan
powers:speed spirit bomb kamehameha destructo disk and death beam
een jaar geleden mydogiscool said…
well lets all decided who dbz charater is the coolest and the best an also yes i will join your super hero club
een jaar geleden Aaronm3419 said…
I'll show you my super saiyian 2 :p

when I upload him
een jaar geleden anitmony said…
name: leona
race: half human half super saiyan
power; dragon blast and water blast
 name: leona race: half human half super saiyan age;17 power; dragon blast and water blast
een jaar geleden mydogiscool said…
een jaar geleden fankid said…
my caracter is ceza
the power of fusion of cell and freeza
 my caracter is ceza the power of fusion of cell and freeza
een jaar geleden mydogiscool said…
big smile
wierd but cool
een jaar geleden ssjvegeta said…
Mine I made in forth grade
Name Vegrio
Family Vegeta (little brother) Trunks Bulla king Vegeta
Moves crimson glaic gun maxuim flasher dark swirl super Saiyan 1-4
Personalty arrogant selfish evil
Dream rule the universe
een jaar geleden mydogiscool said…
een jaar geleden DB_DBZ_fanatic said…
Name: Vegotenks
Vegotenks is when gogeta and gotenks used the kais earings and fused to a double fusion
een jaar geleden TaiShi16 said…
Name: Taiyua
Age: He had been dead for 15yrs but met Goku on King Kai's planet after cell blew up (so he's about 19-25)
Family: Goku's long lost twin brother (younger)
Can go up to super saiyan 4
Comes to Earth after buu saga, has black tied hair with one blue highlight (born with)
Knows:Kamehameha (and other variations), Final Flash, Dragon Fist, Spirit Bomb, and Spirit Kamehameha(A fusion of the kamehameha and a weak spirit bomb)
een jaar geleden mydogiscool said…
big smile
i am a child of goku and broly his power is ulitmate.
een jaar geleden Turnax2319 said…
I've had mine for years. I actually have more to the backstory...well, I actually wrote a full fanfic for him and his twin brother Rydar really. It's kinda long...

Name: Turnax
Age: Unknown (Appears to be in mid 20's)
Race: Saiyan
Background: A Saiyan Warrior who lived thousands of years ago, he was the Legendary Super Saiyan that was born once every thousand years. (This was before Saiyans realized they could go Super Saiyan with extreme emotional triggers and training like Kakarot and Vegeta) He and his twin brother Rydar were the leaders of two sides in an Ancient Saiyan Civil War. When Rydar became the Legendary Super Saiyan and tried to take the throne for himself, Turnax led the army loyal to King Vegeta. (Yes, even back then the King was always named Vegeta) After an intense battle, Turnax was barely able to defeat Rydar, after becoing the Legendary Super Saiyan himself (since they were twins and their DNA was identical, both were able to do this) Afterwards Turnax was sent on a mission to another planet, where an ancient being, using a forbidden technique was able to open up a portal, capturing Turnax and sending him thousands of years into the future...to a time and place unfamiliar to him.

Can go Super Saiyan levels 1-4
*Sonic Cannon-A yellow energy wave similar to the Kamehameha Wave, Gallic Gun, or Masenko energy waves, it is one of the Saiyan Turnax’s signature techniques. A quick charging attack, it can easily be fired from essentially any position, and with split second timing. Turnax usually places his hands together, thumbs locking and hands crossed, very similar to a military ‘Parade Rest’ fashion. The arms are thrust out from his body, and the ‘V‘ made by his pinky fingers serve as aiming sights for this energy wave. When performing this move, Turnax usually shouts the phrase ‘Sonic Cannon’ before firing the energy wave. However, he has been known to fire off a quicker, weaker version without vocalizing the attack name, giving belief that the incantation strengthens the wave. It may just be that the small delay during the incantation allows for an extra moment or two of charging, but whatever the case, Turnax can use this attack to cause devastating effects. There are 4 known variations to this technique.
*Sonic Cannon-The standard yellow energy wave. Can be fired with or without the incantation. Usually used by Turnax in his regular form.

*Supersonic Cannon-A more powerful version of the Sonic Cannon, this version is orange in color, and upon firing, a single ring shoots out from the wave, perpendicular to the wave’s traveling path. This version can be fired with or without the incantation, and is used primarily in Turnax’s Super Saiyan 2-3 forms.

*Ultrasonic Cannon-The most powerful form of the Sonic Cannon, it is a purely red energy wave. Like the Supersonic Cannon, it has the addition of the powerful shockwave rings. However, unlike the Supersonic Cannon, the rings are fired off every 5 feet. This is the only form of the wave that must use the incantation, and is available to Turnax only in his Super Saiyan 4 form.

*One-handed Sonic Cannon-The standard Sonic Cannon wave, but it is fired with one hand. Turnax has never used this form with the incantation, and it usually follows up his ‘Saiyan Sonic Strike’, ‘Fist of Fury’, or ‘Acid Rain’ techniques.

*Saiyan Sonic Strike-An energized melee attack combination Turnax developed, he forms a white energy blade on his right forearm, similar to that used by Vegito. This effectively doubles his reach. He uses this blade to attack multiple times, usually 20-30 strikes. Turnax usually ends this move with his one-handed version of the ‘Sonic Cannon’ technique, making this an even more deadly technique.

*Volt Punch-Turnax focuses his energy into his fist and punches an opponent, discharging the energy directly into them. Equivalent to a Sonic Cannon, it is more accurate since it only discharges when it connects with something.

*Seismic Charge-A move where Turnax throws a punch and blue energy shoots out from his fist. Sometimes he warps and punches the opponent, before blasting them at point blank range. It is equivalent to a Final Flash or Super Kamehameha Wave.

*Cataclysm-This technique is performed by thrusting his fist into the ground. Suddenly the ground around him explodes with energy of a green color.

*Destructo Bomb-A move learned by Turnax while he was dead, it is formed by beginning with a small ball of energy above one finger, about the size of a quarter. It then instantly expands to form a black energy bomb about the size of Kakarot's Spirit Bomb that killed Kid Buu or Omega Shenron. Due to the massive energy needed, Turnax must be Super Saiyan 4 and needs about a day to fully recover from the energy drain.
een jaar geleden fortresst said…
he was born from the hatred of goku and his father bardock the hatred of both of them was enough to unleash this ultimate being of destruction his power due to the fact that he is born of hate he isn't a true saiyan and has no tail over 100x ssj4 gogeta and his appearance is pretty much like goku except where evr there is orange its black and blue is green his moves consist of
kamehameha - pretty sure you know wat that is
hate of destruction - a huge barrage of ki blasts that after piercing threw their target make a round trip to finish them
nightmarish visions - a move where he goes into the enemies mind and causes them to see their worst nightmares and bring back terrible memories
final spirit kamehameha - a gigantic ball of energy is launched at the enemy as it makes its way to it it is followed up by a green kamehameha pushing the ball further towards the enemy and in contact with them it expression an eruption strong enough to collapse a galxay
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een jaar geleden mydogiscool said…
Turnax2319 your charater is really... well amazing good job
een jaar geleden blackpanther666 said…
big smile
I have one that I made ages ago. I made him into the actual DBZ story in a fan-fiction I was writing. This is where he is sent back in time to defeat Majin Buu, by his mother, who was Pan. He is sent in the time machine back to the time when Planet Vegeta was still there.

Name: Gogetto

Age: Probably about 40 by the time he actually fights Buu.

Race: Saiyan

Background: A quarter-Saiyan, who was sent back in time to planet Vegeta, when it still existed. When he reached the planet, he underwent a strange transformation, going from Human/Saiyan hybrid, to a fully fledged Saiyan. It is unknown why this happened, but he was adopted by a 2nd Class Saiyan and raised to be a fighter. He hates Vegeta, as, when he defeated Vegeta in a tournament to showcase strength, Vegeta was furious and later murdered Gogetto's father. Gogetto swore revenge, beat the crap out of Vegeta and later Raditz, then stole a ship and left the planet, shortly before Frieza destroyed it. He destroyed a few planets and people, then eventually came across Frieza. Frieza decided that he could use him and, when Gogetto noticed that Vegeta was onboard, he went beserk, announcing his hatred for Vegeta. Frieza promised him that he would get a chance to fight Vegeta, if Gogetto did as he asked and joined him as a Guard Captain. Gogetto stayed with Frieza, until they reached Namek. This was when Vegeta ditched and, as Gogetto realised he wouldn't get a chance to fight Vegeta now, unless he left, too, he killed several guards, defeated Dodoria in battle, then left Frieza's crew. Eventually, he came across the humans and decides to help them get the Dragonballs, so he can thwart Vegeta and Frieza from them, and steak it from the humans.

(The rest of this will be put into a Fan-fiction)

Transformations: SSJ, SSJ (Ascended), SSJ2 and SSJ3... (I never got around to doing a SSJ4 for him)


Missingo Ha: The same attack that Gohan uses on occasion.

Ultimate barrage: He releases a similar attack to the one that Vegeta uses sometimes, where he fires a large amount of energy beams within a short space of time.

Double-hander: A blast that is charged in both hands, then combined and released at the same time, causing a massive, destructive blast, similar in power to Gallet Gun, or Kamehameha.
een jaar geleden cedbob said…
name:majin erick age:25
power level:9,9999999999999999999999
power: dark kamekamehaa kioshin attack shark punch and more
 name:majin erick age:25 power level:9,9999999999999999999999 power: dark kamekamehaa kioshin
een jaar geleden Sinwalker7 said…
Name: Steratos

Race: Sayin

Forms: Super sayin 1-2

Age: early 20’s

Background: Unknown


Shock Stream, A beam of power that is similar to the kamahmaha.

Star Shooter, A valley of smaller attacks.

Shadow Cutter, A thin wave of power similar to Krillin’s Destorto Disc.

Final Flash Impact, A mix of Final Flash and Final Spirit Canon. In is a small ball of power. When thrown
it spreads out into smaller waves of power.