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 vegeta sacrifice
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majin vegeta exploding
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majin vegeta explodes
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This Dragon Ball Z foto contains anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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The time has come…Goten calmly pulled his boots up. He nervously stood in front of his door. His hand tried to turn the knob…but he could not. He was afraid…terrified to open the door. He closed his eyes, and opened the door. Gohan’s door knob opened. Gotten glanced at his brother. He was wearing Piccolo’s purple outfit…but not using a white cape. Goten also noticed that Gohan was a Super saiyan.
“Are u ready buddy?” asked Gohan, looking saddly down at Goten. Goten’s eyes shaked, and watered.
“No…im not.” Goten answered. Gohan beggan to saddly grin.
“Always the...
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“Okay…mom! Lets continue! Comeon Gohan! We have no time for this. We are running out of time!” Chichi and Gohan stared at each other.
“Lets go, lets go. No meer talking, no meer complaining. Its time to fight!” yelled Chichi. Goten nervously swallowed, and nodded up and down. Gohan with excitement raced across the land. “All right Goten” Chichi zei squatting into a squatting position. “Don’t think…just attack me…just attack. I don’t care if u have no idea on what to do. Just try!”
Goten’s hart-, hart suddenly raced, and with ought thinking…he attacked. Chichi was...
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“Krillin!” yelled Gohan. They all have arrived at this place. “Come on, want to practice with us?” Krillin looked up to the sky confussed.
“Someone called me?” he asked looking all around him.
“Up here!” yelled Chichi. Goten just laughed Krillin looked up, then let out a grin.
“Practice time?” he asked with a giggle.
“Practice time” yelled back Gohan. Krillin grinned. The three of them blasted deep in the clouds.
Goku sensed them, and let out a evil smerk. “Its about time…”
“Hiya!” screamed Gohan giving fast fists toward Krillin.
“Come on Gohan! u can do...
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posted by SaiyanGirl
Female Saiyans have never been shown to be able to transform into Super Saiyans,
however Akira Toriyama has stated that there ... :(
I'd like to see a female super saiyan, it'd be so cool! Akira should make Pan and Bulla super saiyans! I think Bulla could be a super saiyan because she's 1/2 Saiyan like Gohan and Trunks.Pan's 1/4 Saiyan but she's gohan's daughter too! >.< Also Fasha who is a pure blood saiyan could easily be a super saiyan if Akira made another storyline...
Well this is a wish at all... hehe xP
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