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So this is an artikel which toon the results of the people on this site who gave character points from 1-10. Only 5 people participated but I'm going to uploaded anyway and I don't expect anyone would add their lijst because this has been open for years!

So here it is:

1st Place: (Tied)
Freya and Sophia: 45 points

2nd Place: The Dragon: 39 points

3rd Place: Zaun: 32 points

4th Place: Mack: 28 points

5th Place: Jonas: 26 points

6th Place: Eurin: 20 points

7th Place: Helen: 18 points

8th Place: Carl: 17 points

9th Place: Jonathan: 5 points (Minimum points)
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Source: Myself xD
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Dragon kasteel 4, the end of happiness

“Ahhhh… Finally I am alive once again, well done” the dragon said. “I have finally taking over this kasteel and as u can see over there I killed the stupid queen” Zaun replied. Zaun had revived the dragon inside the kasteel in the great hall. “Hmm I see and I hear the young witch is dead too, u have done well and just maybe u deserve my loyalty” “How dare you? I brought u back to life and now u say maybe?” “Indeed, but what about the chosen one, I sense he is still alive” “He is alive” Zaun replied. “What? Why did you...
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Dragon kasteel 3, the magical sword Alia.

“They attacked us, some creatures from the forest! I’m guessing they’re in the Witch’s command. Who else could it be? They looked like vampires of werewolves of something like that, we didn’t get to see them from close enough range”, “Hmm… We must prepare the kasteel for siege then”! “No sir. The kasteel is not strong enough and who would u expect to give orders? We have no king”. “So what, anyone can give orders. What did that idiot of a king even do that we couldn’t”? “Huh? What do u mean? I think he was a great king”!...
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Dragon kasteel 2, the first queen of Qairyn.

Sophia! Sophia, now wake up your mom is waiting for you! But "Sophia" did not wake up, she was busy dreaming. Daddy, Daddy why are we here, we should have been home pagina door now, shouldn't we? Dad… Karl replied no, Dad? No, my girl! This is the end! We will all die right there! What? What are u talking about dad? Remember my girl, we are all mortal, and there is no one who is immortal! Dad… Yes my girl? What is it that comes before us? It is the infinite, who come to kill us! Ahhhhhhhhh help, I don't want to die! Dad… YES MY GIRL? He looked at her...
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Dragon Castle

A dragon lives in a giant kasteel in a country where no one lives nearby. This country is called: Qairyn. The dragon is huge and feared even door those who have ventured to approach it. It has killed everyone who has entered its stronghold. The dragon’s kasteel is surrounded door steep and Rocky Mountains. Many have tried to kruis these mountains but only few have survived. Now it has been zei that a hero will one dag slay the dragon. Some believe however that it is just some childish nonsense. They do not believe that anyone of any man can destroy the dragon, and there will never...
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The Guardian Angels is a new story I'm working on!

It's about a girl named Sophie and a boy named Jon!
They are both destined to travel and fight evil! They are also destined to receive the power of the guardian angels along their way!

About the angels: When a Guardian angel kom bij with a human being the human receives it's powers and the angel is part of the human! Depending on your personality and gender u can only kom bij forces with the angels who are similar!

There is:

The brand Guardian of The Guardian of Fire: He has the power to destroy, explode and burn things as well as enemies. He can control...
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