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posted by ShadAmy
 me dah
me dah
I know I am 13 and i go to Lesher, but what happen today changed every thing. So I was on youtube as usual I was watching My First Sonic fan Flash, but right then and there it happened the thing that changed my whole piont of view with the one and only Shadow the Hedgehog. He dragged me in to his world I changed from human to hedgehog/bat in seconds. I looked like Amy, but with wings and bat girls clothes. He zei that if I liked him that much I could go in his world when ever I wanted to see him. he showed me this castle, a river, and the most amazing place in the world a dark stary madnight...
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posted by ILoveSonic21
I had a dream that me and my kid cousins there were two and we were on eggmans ship and Eggman then opened a trap door then me and my cousin were in midair falling to our death and we were gonna land somewhere in Asia then I was just a few feet away from plummeting to the ground the sonic came and jumped to grab me then he asked are u okay then I zei yes I'm fine thank u for saving me then sonic hugged me then Amy came and zei hallo get your hands off my sonic! Then sonic zei for the last time I don't like u like that only as a friend I want someone mature and my age(I'm 15 like him)...
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