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Courtney was lying on the couch, her socked feet propped up. Duncan was sitting volgende to her feet, and Alex and Daniel were sleeping soundly on the loveseat.

"I'm gonna take them up." Courtney spoke up, her eyes leaving the televisie screen in front of them.

"I got it." Duncan interrupted, as he pushed Courtney back down on the couch, and went to pick up Alex and Daniel from the chair.

Courtney raised a suspicious eyebrow as to why he was being so nice all of a sudden.

"Mhmm." was all Courtney could mutter before letting her eyes follow Duncan up the stairs with their kids. She couldn't help but...
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Duncan's p.o.v

Chris: In this challege u will have to avoide been captured door the monster and-

Heather: u could've just zei that its the same challege as the first challege in total drama action.

Chris: Yah well I like to explain things no one will be voted off today, this is just a fun challege.

Justin: Really????

Chris: No last one standing wins its everyone for themelves today so everyone's up for the vote exect for who ever wins the challege.

Courtney: Easy.

Harlod: No its not, u don't know what its like.

Courtney: If I can handle elephants, loins, tigers, snakes, crocadiles, camels, alpacas,...
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[okay im not done with the dxc aladdin one but i've been dying to write a dxc my fake fiance for months! I'll go back to the aladdin one.]

Courtney's POV
Well after 11 years my life couldn't have been better. After the stupid toon ruined my image, I was constantly harassed in law school door fans and Courtney haters! After 2 years of school there they kicked me out because they didn't want such a bad image on their campus! So I went to a performing arts school and finished my education there hoping my broadway career would shoot up! I got line in one musical!!!!And only for 1 month. After that...
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