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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
 What Courtney wants to do
What Courtney wants to do
When a Boy Meets a Girl Book:1
    “Gwen u look amazing!” exclaimed Destiny my best friend she turned to me “Courtney what do u think?” As much as I didn’t want to answer I did anyway “Great!” I tried to sound as enthusiastic, I continued to sewing Gwen’s dress.” Two meer weeks till the wedding of Gwen and Duncan!!!” exclaimed LaShawna friend of Gwen and another person I could do without seeing it wasn’t what she zei that really bothered me it was the way she zei it that ticked me off. I sighed trying to concentrate on sewing for the millionth...
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[Sorry I've been out guys I've been busy thinking of a good ending.This one may not be good but I hope it will be.]

It was the final night on the island everyone had together.Everyone was making the most of it.Bridgette and Geoff were on the beach.Tyler adn Lindsay were playing volleyball,Tretn adn Gwen were sitting door the dock talking,and everyone else was enjyoing their time.Meanwhile,Courtney is curious about Duncan 's surpise.But also if it was the right thing to do.So for one meer time she went to the confessionals.

COurtney-Okay I'm so not sure about this.I mena this is the...
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
AN: I promise to undate on Love is Blind but first I gonna toon some of my latest stories I've written lately.

A secret Love

“Can I help you?” Courtney asked politely and he smirked, looking up and down her body, Courtney rolled her eyes at that action. She knew exactly what she looked like and also knew boys like him only wanted her for her looks and nothing else.

“I can think of a few things” he purred huskily looking up and down her body slowing and she scowled in response.

“If u think for one seconde that I’m some dumb blonde fake boob bimbo then get the hell out of this library”...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I stood there watching as they walked past me.She won.She always was a step ahead of me.I never stood a chance.They're alike.They're be together forever.

"Hey princess" he zei as he kissed my cheek.

"what was that for?"

"Princess..you're my girlfriend.i'm going to kiss you"


"Duncan i don't think u understand..i broke up with you...it's over"

I started to walk away when he stopped in fornt of me.

"Princess...i don't think u understand...i only kissed Gwen to.."

"I don't want to here it duncan"

Everyone started to walk in door us.Everyone stared.

"Princess..look..you have no idea why i kissed...
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courtney: i cant belve duncan would brake up with me like that, i mean shre he did it before with gwen but... im the only person who will ever love duncan like this... no one else......
alejandro: sooo he broke up with u?
courtney: ohhh i dident know u where there, and yes he did.
alejandro: look ur beautifull,strong and intellegent women, he did not disurve u.
courtney: i know that alredy.
alejandro: sooo wana go out some time?
courtney: i just broke up with my bf. i think i wana wait.
alejandro: as u wish my princessa.
then alejandro pick up the phone and calls melissa. sooo everithing is acording...
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i was in my house getting ready to go to the films when my mom wouldent stop bothering me to help her with some stuff, wich made me late to go to the movies, and at the same time alejandro wouldent stop calling me to see if i was near the movies.
courtney: dont worrry ill be there!!!!!
alejandro: please hurry up!!!!!!!!
courtney: ill be there :)
at that same moment duncan calls......
courtney: ohhh hallo duncan.
duncan: courtney i forbit u to go to the films with this guy.
courtney: and y is that?
duncan: u dont know him like i do, i know hes gona steel u from me, and i cant let that happen.
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posted by tdilovestories

In the movie the young millionaire DOC JOANS (Cody Monteeth) and his new bride, SAMANTHA JOANS (Gwen Barnhill) verplaats to London during the early 1900s and everything seems normal until MATHEW NEWMAN (Tyler Hayes) shows up clamming to be SAMANTHA’S former lover. While SAMANTHA works to insure her husband that MATHEW is lying, DOC finds proof that his beautiful bride is trying to kill him, but he doesn’t know what/who to believe………

RAITED: R for violence


In this movie Courtney Gomez and Duncan Meyers ster as themselves along side Lind May, Molly Sun, and...
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posted by DxC_lover98
Duncan's P.O.V.

I sighed and stared at the ceiling. She still hadn't answered my email. I'd sent it right after I got back from Geoff's. Which was three days ago. She hadn't texted of called either. In fact, every trace that Courtney had ever existed was gone. Except for me. But Bridgette hasn't been forgotten (mainly because Geoff can't stop crying for meer than 2 hours). I picked up my cell phone again and stared at it blankly. No text.

So that's how the volgende three hours went. Then my phone started buzzing and vibrating wildly. I glanced at it. A text from Gwen.

hey! haven't seen u 4 awhile....
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posted by rubberduck2
Courtneys POV:

"Would u like to dance?" He gently asked me.

I examined him from head to toe to decide my answer.

"Well? Do ya wanna dance of just stare?" He zei suddenly.

I gave him a look I knew he would understand, "Sorry I dont dance with guys that have green in their hair, our guys that are jerks!" i yelled out. I walked off to the stempel, punch tafel, tabel hoping he would leave me alone.

Duncans POV:

Damn that girl is fiesty. I love it. Okay just be yourself Duncan and ask her again to dance. I headed over to where she was standing but then stopped.

Wait...yourself is a punk, who doesnt take orders from...
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50 things u must know about Duncan

By Courtney

So as u know, apparently I am meant to be head over heels with Duncan.......I’m not!

I made a lijst for all u poor people who will have to interact with him in the future.

1. Duncan is that teen with the green Mohawk, lots of facial piercings, red converse, skull shirt.....and the hot body (actually, erase that from your memories! I did not say that about him!)

2. Nicknames for him include

a) The delinquent

b) Danger boy

c) Vandal

d) Criminal

e) Juvenile

f) Idiot

g) Neanderthal


i) ......Dunky (please note that was one time only......and several...
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Monday morning and back at school. Courtney was especially excited today because she couldn’t wait to see Heather!

Courtney, Duncan, Gwen and Leshawna waited at the front entrance to see their handy work. As usual Heather pulled up in her expensive car and came out wearing a very bad wig and had little red ant bites all over her skin.

They all cracked up laughing as well as everyone else arriving. Heather just scowled and stormed over to Courtney who only smiled deviously at her.

“I hope this is still funny after I tell everyone about your little night with me and Lindsey,” she threatened....
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Courtney’s POV

“Up of down?” Tara asks, playing around with my hair.

“Um, down. With a couple strands pulled back.” Becky suggests.

“Should we tease it?”

“No. Court’s hair looks terrible when teased. Remember the fall dance?”

“Oh yeah. That was disastrous!”

I sigh and fall back on Becky’s bed. If I thought that my vrienden would stop the first-date image consulting with the outfit, I was wrong. They had already figured out which nail polish went best with my outfit, and whether to shape my nails round of square. Navy blue and round.

“This is going to take a while. Seeing...
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posted by 1701dxc
Courtneys pov:
i sat in the corner of the hallway hugging my legs. Jake punched me in my arm a couple of times because I wouldn't stop crying. Jake eventually went to the bar with his friends. And I sat their for what felt like forever.

Rrr.......Rrr......Rrr "hello?" I zei in a raspy voice. It wasn't that hard to tell that I was crying. "Um......courtney are u ok?"I just couldn't barakate myself anymore, I flat out told him what happened and then felt like an idiot for telling him. "I'm sorry, I don't know what to say" then I started crying AGAIN I'm so fucking pathetic. "I'll be there to...
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Duncan's p.o.v

Chris: In this challege u will have to avoide been captured door the monster and-

Heather: u could've just zei that its the same challege as the first challege in total drama action.

Chris: Yah well I like to explain things no one will be voted off today, this is just a fun challege.

Justin: Really????

Chris: No last one standing wins its everyone for themelves today so everyone's up for the vote exect for who ever wins the challege.

Courtney: Easy.

Harlod: No its not, u don't know what its like.

Courtney: If I can handle elephants, loins, tigers, snakes, crocadiles, camels, alpacas,...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I started walking school in thw winter with my nose turning blue and almost froze.I was trying to keep my body heat so i wouldnt be a cold person i guess.

"Hey beauitful" i got pulled into arms and got so warmed.

"Hey trent" He tried leting go."Keep hugging me your warm!"

"Ok beauitful can we just keep walking?"

"Yea sure" he had his arms around me.I was so warm in trents arms.hes always warm.

"So courtney what did u do this weekend"

"You know what i did u came over and we ddint homework"

" Oh thats right"

" Yea" I let him go as we walked in our school"He had his arm around my waist as we were...
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posted by fly210
this is not my song! GOT IT!

"Mister Cole! I see u have failed anouther spanish test! u know what our deal was!" "Yes." I grumbled to my teacher ms. Hersh. "Well then," She zei turning to miss princess courtney Lopez. "It seems u have gotten anouther 100 on your test miss Lopez. Hmmmmmmm... I need u to teach him," Ms. Hersh pointed at me ,"spanish. Maybe with your smart mind he will get a c at least on his volgende test." Courtney nodded and glared at me.
Courtney and I had been like oil and water since we first met in pre K. Courtney built the block...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s POV:After he kissed her my world changed,completely.My style,my attitude,my friends,basically,my life.Cheerleading became a struggle due to there was no meer cheer left in me.I don`t talk to Geoff,Trent Gwen and even Bridgette anymore.I`ve gotten detention countless times which means I have to spend meer time with him.My style,well,let's just say it isn`t peppy anymore.My parents are off the charts when it comes to yelling/freaking out.The most yelling is when I don`t come home pagina from school the vorige dag and don`t call of come back two days later;the police have been called a million...
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posted by libra2000
Duncan sat peacefully in first class while every one else was asleep. Tyler had just spilled the news to everyone that he had saw gwen and him kissing. Sure he would have been angry and probably would have punched the lights out of the guy door now but now that he thought about it, him and courtney never really got along. Plus she was always so uptight and never knew when to just relax and just chill. In a way he had to thank the loser, it was the only easy way he could break it off with out facing Courtney. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't afraid of her but he hated to see girls' cry, uptight or...
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posted by shellgirl54
basically i thought duncan was doing this for a joke of prank but i learned i was wrong so i thought i sing this song door ocean on the dock

Did u forget that I was even alive?
Did u forget everything we ever had?
Did u forget, did u forget about me?

Did u regret ever standing door my side?
Did u forget we were feeling inside?
Now I'm left to forget about us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song, u can't forget it

So now I guess this is where we have to stand
Did u regret ever holding my hand?
Never again, please don't forget, don't forget

We had it all,...
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posted by DanixxDumb
Decode: One-shot 

 Courtney skimmed the headline on the newpaper. 
"Total Dram Contestants: Where are they now?" Courtney frowned and dropped thd newspaper onto the vanity. 
  "Courtney, u ready?" A voice Courtney recognized to be her friend, Max. She stood up and dusted herself off. The image in the mirror showed differences than it had two years ago.  Courtney's mocha hair was now Deep Scarlet Red and her skin paler than before. Her fashion sense had changed to darker colors. 
  "Yeah. I'm ready." Courtney replied. The stage manager handed her a microphone. She gladly took it and...
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