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" Gwen, Gwen you'll never guess what happened today!" I zei leaping to joy. " What happened?" " Jake asked me to the dance!" Gwen glares at me. "W-what?
Jake Hudson?" "Yah! Can't u believe it?" " No.. I cant. Dylan u know I like Jake, how could u do this to me?" I look angry and put my hands on my hips. "Well I like him to! He just asked me to the dance, is that a problem? Gwen sighs. "Ugh, no. Congratz..." " Bye!" I felt dizzy and " falls " into this ladies bath. "AHHH!" "Omg, I'm so sorry!!!" "Get out get out shes taking a bath! Get out of my store now! Get out!" I leave the store....
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Chris: Courtney... Harold... one of u is leaving tonight

Courtney glared at Duncan knowing it was Harold who would be heading home. And she was right. Leshawna ran up to kiss Harold goodbye. But while that happened, Duncan and Courtney happily roasted their marshmallows door the campfire.

Duncan: So looks like the Princess is here for another night.

Courtney: Yeah I guess.. well I was thinking maybe u and I could start an alliance.

Duncan: If u kiss me.

Courtney: Can it be on the cheek?

Duncan: Nope, on the lips. With your tounge.

Courtney stood in shock. But this could get her into the final...
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posted by XxKurusakitoXx
Well It has been a while since I have been on here. I couldn't help myself from being on here. I have returned and for the moment I am going to be working on this story (maybe a few one shots too though)for a while

Courtney's POV

I walked out of the courthouse, my suitcase tightly in my grip. This was another successful case but I couldn't feel happy, I have no idea why...Ok well that is a lie, I know exactly why I cannot be happy.

Believe it of not but I miss Duncan. I placed my hand onto my neck to get the sliver pendant that lied there in my hand.

This was a gift from him, it was a skull with...
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posted by Isabella121797
Trent's POV:
All dag I thought about Courtney and Gwen.
Was I just looking for something to take my mind off of Gwen?
This and meer thoughts streamed threw my mind.

I was looking for Gwen to find out.
I saw her in the hallway.
She noticed me and smiled.
I just walked right up to her and kissed her.

My stomach did a 360.
I felt the spark I did on the island and I needed to know if she felt the same...

Gwen's POV:
I was stunned and confused.
A feeling surge from my feet up to my head.
All the uncertain and doubts were swept away.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

"What was that for? I thought...
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7 years ago

"I'm going to take to the mall, and pay a professional singer to serenade to u for me."Duncan claimed, explain his proposal plans for Courtney.

Courtney sighed, and shook her head."No! That is so stupid!"

Duncan smirked."Than how do u want me to propose to you, Princess."He said.

Courtney smiled, and begin to explain."I want the proposal to be unexpected, on a beach, and I want you to serenade to me."She said.

Duncan uneasily scratched the back of his head, and shrugged."Whatever doesn't kill me. Anything u want princess."And with that said, he kissed her nose good night and fell...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Courtney Rivera age 13 This is the Autobiography unlike others in my adventure of life this took place about 67 years geleden 2010 i am at the age of 80 and this is my amazing life story divded into 6 main parts it all began November 15 2010 one monday morning ­ T S T     Volcano-chapter:1Origin by:Zannalee Rivera
    My head was spinning and eyes barely open and I knew it was Monday.
I slowly lifted my head and managed to get to my feet,I ran my hands through my curly Reddish-brown hair filled with dirt and knots my hands filthy....
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
I decided to end the series cuz im real bored wit it so this is good bye but i am makin a series were u make the characters and i use them for a series on the Total Drama island club all u do is message me sayin ur characters name personality and gender i need 15 i have 6 hurry so u can have a spot on my series meer details if u message me again im srry if u like this series if u want me to make it i can write the rest of the story for u over a message thx for all the commentaren and complimenten i have recieved try to give me ur Character A.S.A.P thx again sincerley ME!!!! lol