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posted by Dusksky
"Oh my god..ITS SO HOT!" She yelled, sadly getting the attention of a guard.

"Hey you! Get down here!"

"No! u climb up here, u DOUCHE LICKING TWAT!"For a few seconds, the man's face went into utter confusion, then turned red. "Why u little~ Get her!" It only angered them meer when she ran across the roof, cackling like a maniac. She still laughed, even as they chased her, because she knew exactly where she was going, and would hopefully loose them within minutes.

"What in the.." The Bureau leader muttered as he heard footsteps on the roof. Very light footsteps. Suddenly, a woman fell threw...
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posted by Dusksky
The warning alarm sounded as the Assassin ran across the rooftops. "Stop him!" A guard yelled as the others chased after, though lost him within minutes.

A young woman sat in the darkness of the hideout until the man snick into the room, a smirk on his scared lips. "Sumayyah"

She heard someone say again. "Open the door."

Yawning, the Arab crawled off of the divan, bank and into the kicthen, settling on the cool wood flooring. "Its open." With that, a dark haired man stepped in. "Hello Ammon. Can u tell me why your here at.." She glanced at the uithangbord clock. "7 am?.."

He sat down on the counter. "One,...
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posted by Dusksky
Ok, I'm trying to deside what cerel to eat: even though it's almost 3 in the afternoon : anyways i'm looking then I see a bag of cerel : probly thinks it's to 'cool' to be in a box : I read the title. "Frosted Mini Spooners"....I think u can guess what I'm thinking..

The lights were off, then I turned them on and Batman was tied to a chair with his bat-arang thingy. I walked up to him then sat on his lap. (Not in a pervented way..) Then I grabed ahold of his cape and brought his face up to mine, then I made him eat yogurt.
posted by Dusksky
1 – Replace all his medications with Tic-Tacs. That way, when he finds out and decides to kill you; he'll be killing u with minty-fresh breath!

2 – Lock him in the same room as Ben Moss for a good few hours, just for the lulz. Because we all know how much they love each other really…

3 – Poke him. A lot. It's just funny when he goes all twitchy, yanno?

4 – Ask him if he know Casper the Friendly Ghost, and continuously sing the theme tune from the TV toon whenever he's around.

5 – Constantly refer to him as 'The BFG' of 'Jolly Green (Or orange, it depends whether he's got that sweater...
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added by Dusksky