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Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama Adventure! Last time, Crystal interacted with Private to form the first alliance of the season! I think this toon is getting meer tense. Do you? Will it? Find out right here, right now, on Total...Drama...Adventure!!

*theme song plays*

Chris: Okay. Whoever finds a Hot 40 Card gets to pick a random person to debut on the show.

Marlene: AWESOME!!!! I know who I'd pick...*grabs a picture of Antonio from a tree*
Skipper: *glares at Marlene*
Skipper: I still can't...
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Chris: Blah blah blah let's skip the boring intro on TOTAL....DRAMA......ADVENTURE!!!
in the winner's section
Crystal: hallo Skipper....want to kom bij me and Private's alliance?
Skipper: I thought u didn't want me to join.
Crystal: *whispers* I have a plan. I was simply pretending to be Private's best friend. First, we'll eliminate Gwen, and then Private, then, it's just u and me. What do u say?
Skipper: No way...so u were faking this whole-
Crystal: It's a yes of a no!
Skipper: Deal.
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Okay, this is my oversized story. I just really hope u enjoy. I originally geplaatst this last year, but for some reason, it got deleted. So I'm re-posting it. Enjoy.

The Streets of Manhattan
9:36 AM
I was running away. Running away from it all. I just couldn't stand it anymore. All the abuse, the fights....I couldn't take it.

I was literally running away from these guys. They were trying to rape me. They were chasing me with actual knives. I knew I wasn't going to survive. I was running in heels...I wasn't going to live. I wasn't going to live!

"Get away from me, u ra-"
I tripped onto the...
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Chris: Hello and welcome to Total Drama Adventure!! Last time we got a shock. We now have a new contestant: Julien. And today...we are going...to.......Hollywood! Let's check on our contestants.
In first class
Private and Crystal both had bandages all over them.
Crystal: Thanks for taking me to first class with you, Private.
Private: No problem. But I always wondered....what do u think the places will be?
Crystal thought.
Crystal: Well, Julien is probrably going to get eliminated...then Gwen...then....Skipper maybe. And it's either going...
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Crystal: *looks to see if Dawn of Chris was there* Ha! H-
Dawn: Hey, Crystal!
Crystal: O_O HOW DO u DO THAT?
Dawn: Do what?
Then Chris walked up.
Crystal: Yeah yeah go, Crystal. At least u don't pop up out of nowhere like Dawn.
Chris: Okay....where's Dawn?
Dawn was gone.
Crystal: But...
Chris: *sighs* Crazy contestants...
Crystal walked away confused.

= later =
Crystal: Might as well go hunting for that doll...

= theme song =
(Team Triumph)
Suddenly Crystal walked in the house.
Skipper: Finally..just me, Private and Star. I think I'm gonna call u Star.
Crystal: Okay....yeah....
Private: hallo Crystal! *looks...
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Chris: Welcome back to T-

== theme song plays ==

Chris: AS I WAS SAY-
(Team Losers)
*Chris walks in to their house*
Chris: Which is why Antonio is officially on Team Zoey and Rico is now on Team Triumph
Rico: Oh....ohkay...
Antonio: *sigh* Fine....
They both walked to their teams' places.

(Team Zoey)
Mike: hallo Zoey what's up?
Zoey: hallo Mike *they start making out*
Antonio: Ugh....what a bunch of losers.
Mike: Yeah whatever
Antonio rolled his eyes.
Antonio: If...
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Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama Adventure! We saw last time that Skipper made a verplaats on Crystal-for a brief moment. Will they become friends? Find out right here-right now!! On Total...Drama....Adventure!!!!

*opening sequence*

(Team Zoey in mansion)
Gwen: We're on a serious winning streak!
Kowalski: Pretty much, but we WON'T be if there's two COUPLES ON THIS TEAM!!!! AND MAYBE EVEN THREE!!
Gwen: I do NOT like Cody.
Kowalski: Still counts.
Gwen: Oh and u forgot Dawn!! She's always meditating! She's no good either!!
And let's not forget Private who...
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Chris: Welcome to the newest edition of Total Drama Adventure! Here this edition has meer adventure! However, it has meer characters and they are all from a different show, Penguins of Madagascar! Oh look, here they come now!
*bus arrives*
Meet the classic contestants!
Gwen: I did NOT sign up for a SIXTH SEASON.
Cody: hallo Gwen, what's up?
Sierra: *runs over Cody* WHERE'S CODY???!!!
Heather: As long as "pussy cat" isn't here, I'm ready to get the money I deserve.
DJ: Hey
Bridgette: Uh...hi?
Duncan: Sup
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posted by E-Scope90
Hello everybody. This is Electroghostshadowsilverwing "Skymning" Scope - of just Skymning - telling u something...strange. Now, I have talked to a good friend Kait_Wolf on this site and somebody else on a different site and....something really strange is going on. A lot of horrible things have been happening all over the world. And a lot of people have really changed. Me being one of them.

I actually used to be possibly the nicest person one could imagine. I would always help out and I used to have a lot of vrienden on this site....that I talked to.

And then, about two months ago, I felt like...
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Chris: Hello and welcome to Total Drama Adventure!! I'm Chris and today, we're gonna check on our contestants.

- in the first class section -
12:00 AM
Mike: Thanks again to inviting me to first class, Skipper.
Skipper: No problem. I needed to get away from the other penguins for a while. *looks out the window*

- In the seconde and third class section -
Crystal and Private were sitting on the left side bench while Gwen was sleeping on the bench on the right side.
Crystal: *sigh*
Private: What?
Crystal: It's just that I sorta miss my sister.
Private: u have a sister?

Gwen suddenly awakes from her...
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All the dreams I had
Gone in an instant
Come on over here
And just please listen
Try not to feel down
Down enough to drown
in your tears

When u see it in your eye
And u know you're gonna cry
Just try to find a happy place
If u want to leave without a trace

u know the feeling
When your not healing
The filling
Your'e all alone again
In the dark
Every now and then
u feel a spark
A spark in your heart
That's the feeling
When you're lost
and all alone again

When you're lost
Lost in space
You're lost in words
u can't say a word
u are lost from yards
Yards away from love

u know the feeling
When your not healing
The filling
Your'e all alone again
In the dark
Every now and then
u feel a spark
A spark in your heart
That's the feeling
When you're lost
and all alone again
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This is a song I wrote today about Fanpop.

Oh yeah
Fanpop it used to be the place
the place of fans
But now it's just a place
A place of bans
Fanpop will get it will get
Worse it will get worse
But if we try
If we all try
Just don't be shy
To come and try
And just don't ask why
Just get out here and try
This place is so bad I have to cry

There's really nice spots
Like Random, POM, MJ but
Not in everyone's thoughts
There will be some hard times
But we'll get through it sometimes
Just don't be shy
To come and try
And just don't ask why
Just get out here and try
This place is so bad I have to cry

And there's so many great fans
All holding hand in hand
We will all shed some tears
And we will all have our fears
But just try and see
Can we at least try to agree

Change fanpop
Please stop
the chaos
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Okay so some of my OCs have kids so I have to lijst them here:

Species: Penguin
Born to: Andrew and Joanna
Birth: June 2nd 1999
Age: 13
Talent: Singing
Jobs: Singing
He's the only one to be older than anyone in the 2nd generation. He's older than Janice (born in 2000).

Species: Penguin
Born to: Andrew and Joanna
Birth: January 7th 2001
Age: 11
Talent: Acting, singing
Jobs: She doesn't have one yet but she wants to sing like his older brother and her dad.

Species: Otter
Born to: Unknown
Adopted by: Stevie
Birth: Sometime in 2007
Age: 5
Talent: Drawing (she's very good for a 5 jaar old)
Jobs: She wishes to be an artist when she grows up.

Species: Penguin
Born to: Rebbie and Marley
Birth: September 11 2011 *gasp*
Age: 2

Species: Penguin
Born to: Andrew and Joanna *dang they have lots of kids*
Birth: August 15 2012
Age: 4 hours


Ok, so I decided to post my so- I mean, OC's personalities, so u would know them better.

Jack: The Old Man
Born: April 4th 1944
Age: 68
His wife gave birth to most of the volgende ones (except Leo, Dina, Marco, M.S. and Melon.) He's married to Katy.
Talent: gitaar
Bio: He was born in 1944. He joined a group named The Penguins and he just played a guitar. He later quit and in December 2nd 1964 he met Katy. He marries Katy and together they had kids. He currently still lives Antarctica with Katy and now, Rebbie and Wess.

Katy: The Old Woman
Born: June 9th 1946
Age: 66
Nice, chilled
Talent: Dancing...
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Chris: hallo welcome back to TDA! u don't know what we have in store for our contestants. Find out right now on
Crystal: Well, I'll know. *picks up Chris' travel book* volgende we are going to Australia? That's cheesy...wait....That's a horrible challenge!!!


= Team Zoey =
Gwen: Mike's been crying for 3 days straight!!! The whole living room is full of tears still!!! Pure tears!!!!!
Suddenly Chris walked in.
Chris: It is the merge.
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I can't wait to ride the Titanic II, Oh, anyway please enjoy the video
titanic ii
titanic movie
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It's horrible...just horrible...*burst into tears*
september 11
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Okay it's kinda cool.
michael jackson
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Chris: Welcom-

Crystal: I hacked into the control center again. Anyway instead of going to Indiana, we're going to the middle of the ocean!!!

Chef: hallo Chris. The control center's been hacked again.
Chris: I know. It must be Crystal.
They walked into the control room.

Crystal: AAAAAHHHH!!!!
Suddenly Skipper busted in.
Skipper: CRYSTAL!!!! RICO!!!!!
R-Boom: R-BOOM!!!!! *tears up control panel*
Crystal: HOW DID u GET BACK HERE???!!!

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