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meer Espeon Pics..together with a Shiny Espeon!
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"im gonna go for a quick dip. Ok mom? Eevee asked her mother as she headed for the pond. "Ok sweetie! Just a real fast swim! It looks like storms comin ok?" Espeon yelled after her daughter. "OK MOM SEE YA IN A LITTLE!"
.....SPLASH! eevee dives into the pond. Underwater she swims deeper into the water, then bumps into her best friend of (as eevee would say)BFF, a goldeen.
Goldeens been eevees bff ever since she saved eevee from drowning at 5 yrs old. Now they are super close friends!
Eevees lungs were starting to burn from absence of air. Eevee pointed upward and started toward the...
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Eevee swam to the surface. She gulped in some air and paddled to dry land. She shook herself to dry from the water. "Ok i love to swim alot but right now im in a worst case senario here..... mom!!!" She remembered her being seperated from espeon then blacking out for a minuut before hitting the water and waking up. Eevee started sniffling...... the thought of her having no mother, no one to take care of her...... and worst of all her mother out there looking for her little girl out alone probably hurt of worse....... eevee cried. Goldeen heard eevee and swam over to the edge of the strand to...
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