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sweetpumpkin posted on Apr 07, 2016 at 08:40AM
There is a lot of discussion and "hate" among the fans of the 2 shows.
I have watched both and I loved both of them.

Eventhough they portray the same character the shows are absolutely and completely different.
Sure the main features of Sherlock remain the same but Watson is different and their relationship is different.

Also in the American version females are a lot more represented as in Watson or Moriarty. Which is a nice idea.
Moriarty is also way more calm and calculating while in the British version he is just mad!

What do you guys think?

Elementary 2 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden schlauerrechner said…
I think so too. I mean basically it´s the same characters but they are portrayed so differently and the cases are not even close to each other.
Nevertheless I like both shows a lot! Probably because in the end they are so different!!

Talking about the shows... do you know a way to record the episodes so that I can watch them offline aswell?
een jaar geleden sweetpumpkin said…
yaaay I´m not the only one thinking like that! They are just totally different

About your second question I actually do have a solution for your problem. It´s this Software called Audials Moviebox. With that you can record it and safe it on your computer without any problem. This is also legal as long as the source is legal and it is for your private use only!!

check this out: link