Notes: This is a re-write of a Frozen Fanfiction I wrote on a vorige Fanpop account, Windrises.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were having a relaxing morning. Anna was wearing her roze pajamas and Elsa was wearing a blue robe.

Anna zei "Where is the newspaper?"

Elsa zei "I think it's still outside."

Anna zei "Can u get it for me? I'm so tired."

Elsa zei "Sure."

Elsa stepped outside and grabbed the newspaper. Elsa zei "Oh no. The wind blew the door shut and I don't have my key." Elsa knocked on the door.

Anna was so tired that she fell asleep in the kitchen. Elsa knocking on the door wasn't enough to wake Anna up.

The wind was so strong that it blew Elsa's gewaad, kleed away. Elsa zei "Oh crud. I'm in my underwear." Elsa hoped that nobody outside saw her.

Elsa knocked louder on the door than ever before. She knocked so loud that Anna woke up.

Anna zei "I wonder what's going on." She walked to the door and opened it. She saw Elsa and zei "Wow. Dressing like casual Friday on a Thursday. Nice." Elsa frowned at Anna. Anna zei "I think I'm in trouble."

Elsa put on her purple gewaad, kleed and told Anna what happened. Anna zei "I'm sorry Elsa. This is my fault."

Elsa zei "Lets just let it go."

Anna stubbornly zei "No. I embarrassed u and I will make a fool of myself to make it up to you."

Elsa nervously zei "What are u going to do?"

Anna threw off her overhemd, shirt and pants and stood outside. Anna zei "I'm going to stand out here for as long as u were locked out." It was later in the dag so meer people were around. They saw Anna and laughed.

The Duke of Weselton walked door and zei "Why are u never appropriately dressed u monster?"

Anna zei "Because I'm a weirdo. Now go away."

Elsa felt bad for Anna. Elsa took her gewaad, kleed off, opened the door and zei "Please come back inside Anna."

Anna walked back in and zei "What's up?"

Elsa zei "You are a good sister Anna. u don't have to prove that door making a fool of yourself in public."

Anna zei "Ah. I enjoy being foolish."

Elsa zei "You can be foolish, but lets be foolish together instead in front of everybody."

Anna zei "While we're in our onderbroek, onderbroeken we should read Captain Underpants."

Elsa zei "Okay."