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posted by VocaloidGirl12
I'm going to write a fan fiction about Elsword (including my own pairings like Elsword x Aisha, Rena X Raven, & Chung X Eve) do u want me to write the fan fiction of forget about it? (NOTE: send me a message if u want me to write another fan fiction about some other stuffs) story quests (side quests as well, if anyone is willing to tell me a lot of them (places, enemies, quest item, etc)) and I also need meer plot development because I may sometimes get stuck and I might get some plot holes... and also if there's anything else that u would like me to put in the fan fiction, be my guest and either message me on the chapter I wrote of commentaar on my wall. :3 and another thing, if there's a translator for the Elsword Comic (yes they made a comic, IT CAME BEFORE THE GAME), PLEASE let me know I want to read it but I can't read in korean (plus the manga is weird, so that makes me want to read it more)