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My video i made for all elvis fans....
gladys vernon presley..
elvis presley
where could i go but to the lord
tribute week
august -8-16 2012
for august 16th 2012
35th anniversary
tribute to elvis
elvis presley
for the good times
in loving memory
16 august 2012
elvis presley
songs mix-tcb
elvis week 2012
august 8-16-2012
elvis presley
suspicious minds
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posted by IngridPresley
I need somebody to lean on
I need somebody to tell my troubles to
No use denying, I'm close to cryin'
But what good, tell me what good would my crying do

I need somebody to help me
Help me forget all those worries on my mind
And when I'm lonely, if someone would only
Want to be sweet and kind

I need somebody, won't that somebody
Please, please listen to my plea
Need that somebody, won't that somebody
Come running to me

I need somebody to lean on
I'm tired of being unhappy and so blue
If she came I would hold her 'cause I need that shoulder
To lean on, yes I really do
I need somebody, and maybe that somebody is you
posted by IngridPresley
Well, I quit my job down at the car wash,
Left my mama a goodbye note,
By sundown I'd left Kingston,
With my gitaar under my coat,
I hitchhiked all the way down to Memphis,
Got a room at the YMCA,
For the volgende three weeks I went huntin' them nights,
Just lookin' for a place to play,
Well, I thought my pickin' would set 'em on fire,
But nobody wanted to hire a gitaar man

Well, I nearly 'bout starved to death down in Memphis,
I run outta money and luck,
So I bought me a ride down to Macon, Georgia,
On a overloaded poultry truck,
I thumbed on down to Panama City,
Started pickin' out some o' them all night bars,...
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