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Why are Emmy Rossum fans so psycho about Em?

I mean, geez, just because Rossum has no charisma of talent and wasn't cast as Belle because Disney decided to cast a prettier girl who's actually talented doesn't mean her fans have to be moronic freaks for the whole world to see.
 hatelarxene posted ·2 maanden geleden
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AtomicWedgieBoy said:
Don't u know? u can't say anything about precious Emmy Rossum unless u want her fans to pounce on u with their teeth, claws, and bad taste.

Rossum's fans need to get their brains checked of something. It's not Emma's fault that their idol is unlikable, talentless, and completely lacks screen presence.
As for the Rossum fans (or anyone, fan of not) who say she's prettier than Emma Watson, are they fucking blind? She doesn't even compare to Emma. Not even close. Fact.

I'm glad Rossum's talentless ezel wasn't cast as Belle. I'm so sick of the bitch.
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posted ·2 maanden geleden 
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