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Okay. This is my very first review, so it may not be the best. Still, I hope u like it ^^ My review is about the most recent spin-off manga series for Puella Magi Madoka Magica at this time, Tart Magica.

This is the story of Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc) of Tart who became a magical girl in the 1400's to bring light to France.

I was pretty excited to read this at first. I knew very little about it at the time. I was kind of bored of it in the beginning...but I'm glad I read the rest anyway because it was great!

Art: As usual, Magica Quartet created some beautiful art for the manga.

Plot: As confused...
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Song: All Alone With You
Artist: EGOIST
Album: All Alone With You
Other: Ending Song for the anime PSYCHO-PASS

dareka wo ai suru koto nante
dekiru wake nakutte
dakedo dareka ni aisaretakute
kawaranai kinou ga zutto tsudzuita to shitemo
doko ni mo yuke yashinainda
watashi to KIMI

Loving someone else
is something I just can’t do…
but I want to be loved door someone…
Even if the same old thing kept on happening,
we won’t be able to go anywhere…
Neither u nor I…

kami-sama doko he itteshimatta no nee
henji ha nakute itsudatte sou da yo
Are u still here?

Hey… where did God leave off to?
He has never...
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 Mami Tomoe
Mami Tomoe
Okay, so at first, I was pretty neutral about this character.
BUUUUT, I quickly learned to love her. Here are some reasons why Mami Tomoe is my favoriete blonde anime character:

1 ~ Once u make the contract, u lose your humanity, right? Mami was an exception. She was the true "irregularity" of the series. She managed to keep her sanity throughout her short amount of screentime in the series no matter what occurred. Despite everything, she was TRULY human.

2 ~ She was a kind, considerate, and caring person who did everything she could to defend the general populace.

3 ~ Her scripts were exceptionally written. "I won't be alone anymore." ? Enough said.

4 ~ She had awesome fight scenes and transformations and a very fitting character theme song.

5 ~ She pretended to be cool about things when really, nothing was okay. Honestly, her life sucked. I could seriously relate to that. And I'm a real sucker for relatable characters.
 Yuuki Asuna
Yuuki Asuna
Okay. So I normally don't like to hate on anime characters, but ASUNA IS JUST ----- Okay. I am going to lijst some reasons why I do not like Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online.

1 ~ She had a lot of potential in the beginning and was basically just a complete badass but it all went to hell door her VERY volgende APPEARANCE.

2 ~ This somewhat connects to number 1. She quickly became an obnoxious generic tsundere who relied on Kirito for EVERYTHING. I normally love tsunderes but Asuna was just......

3 ~ She was made to be the perfect waifu, so her personality and character development were both neglected...
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