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de keuze van de fan: Yes Very much!
Yes Very much!
de keuze van de fan: yes
de keuze van de fan: Yes, that would be cool
de keuze van de fan: "You Belong with me" (The picture is my favoriete singer's album cover, Fearless)
&# 34; Who&# 39; s that girl&# 34;
de keuze van de fan: Dan holds Mira
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1 fan heeft deze vraag beantwoord
1 fan heeft deze vraag beantwoord
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mirafabia zei …
Woww....it's so long that I was here...:')
I'm just missed this Club and all my wonderful vrienden I've got here...<3
I really missed u guys..:( I hope u guys doing well and wish all the best in your Live!~ geplaatst een jaar geleden
fansfunsz zei …
wow geplaatst een jaar geleden
yunalovesshun zei …
i think fabia is the most stupid goul in the world and i mean it geplaatst een jaar geleden
mirafabia commentaar gegeven…
okii? -.- what are u doing here on this club if u think fabia is stupid huh?T.T So silly...I know that's your opinion but why are express that here?Only if it's the club of her?Come on don't be so childish..It's such a shame to have explain u that...I think I'm maybe younger than u so let this!...<.< This is a fabia fan club.We Like her and not such a silly person like u where blame fabia....-.- so I wish u a wonderful dag and I hope I could explain u that how unfair u are...and so on... een jaar geleden