'No beggining, no end'

It's amazing how these dragons can travel through space so easily. Even though Sandilia is bare, she doesn't seem to be bothered at all door the cold. She's flying through the pitch black skies as if there was nothing wrong.

Me? I'm not bothered door the cold either, although my toes are starting to freeze little door little. The jas my brother gave me is effected door some kind of spell, it somehow protects u from the cold air of space, it makes u feel normal. There is no oxygen in space, but somehow, this jas helps u breathe. I've always wondered how it does that, actually...

But hey, it's magic! It doesn't need an explanation.

Ignoring my freezing toes, I look up at the sky. It was pitch black, as if I was in my room and the lights were out. As if I had my eyes closed. As if I was sleeping. It wouldn't intrest me so much, though, if there weren't all those stars lightening everything up. The stars were everywhere, as if we were in the middle of a pitch black main hall with billion of bright candles surrounding us. The candles would brighten everything up, but u still couldn't see what there was in the room. I couldn't see what was around those bright stars, even though they were trying to make everything brighter. That's what intrested me the most about space, that it's completely blank and unexplored. I wonder if anyone really has explored everything...

Snapping out of my thoughts, I decide to ask a professional, "Hey, Ermi. Has anyone ever explored space?"

"Depends on what u mean" Ermi, who wouldn't take his eyes off the black road, says.

"Huh?" I ask, not really getting it.

"You're the reading type, haven't u read about space?" my brother asks.

"I have, but I'm asking u if anyone has explored it whole" I say, still confused door Ermi's point.

The older boy sighs, "The space will always be unexplored, because it simply has no beggining and no end. Even we, professionals, can't understand how. No one can, as the simple mind can't think so far" he finishes. I could see it in his tone, that we was also very intrested in what I was wondering as well.

"Completely unexplored..." I say, looking at the stars around us, "I bet the Princess loves these kind of stuff..."

"Well, she is a Space Fairy, after all" Ermi says with a shrug.

"Do u think she would know?" I ask.

"I don't find it impossible" Ermi replies, "Being a Space Fairy, I'm sure she knows something meer than us"

"Maybe I could visit the palace and ask her!" I say, stars in my eyes.

"Okay but don't bother her too much" Ermi says, "It's not so easy being a member of the Loyal Family"

"Yeah okay" I say, a snicker escaping my lips.

After that fairly small conversation, we left the time pass in silence. Not because we didn't have anything to say, but because we were both lost in our thoughts. At least I know I was. I can't tell about Ermi, as he always had that lost-in-thought expression on his face.

I was thinking about how deep space could be. Maybe, as deep as the ocean? No, the ocean does have a beggining, and an end. Maybe, as deep as Belendia's roots? No, roots also have an end. Maybe the simple mind really can't think so far. Belendia's roots then reminded me of my Crystal, which was still glowing that pure, white color.

No beggining and no end... That reminded me of a book I had read, about how Hilenster was born. About Hilenster's history.

It is zei that Hilenster was created door two planets crashing with each other, just like Earth. Nothing on the planet was magic during the ancient years, during the years that not even my kind existed. Then, it is zei that an enormous meteor fell from the skies and hit the planet, causing everything living to disappear, except from a few very small animals that lived then, Derpelons. I haven't found a beschrijving on how they looked like, so I've always been imagining how. After the meteor fell, everything was distroyed. Every single plant was burned, every single living creature had turned into fossils. The planet was completely empty, except from the little something the meteor had left. A very small crystal. Small, but filled with magic. Years had pass, and that crystal had got burried into the ground. It grew, it gave birth to a new kind of plant. That plant grew as well, and its roots reached every single part of the planet. It was full of magic, full of energy. It managed to make everything alive again. New creatures, new plants, new kinds of magic were born because of that tree, which we now call Belendia, the mother of our planet.

That story sounded always so amazing, no matter how many times I read it. It just thrilled me. Well, I am the reading type, after all.

I felt a sudden warmth, as if it was morning and the sunshines were coming through my window, fondling my face.

"Look at that" Ermi suddenly says.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I look at what my brother's pale finger was pointing. My eyes quickly close as I see a shining Sun, which was only a few kilometers away from us.

"My eyes almost got burned!" I exclaim.

"Easy there" Ermi snickers. I knew he did it on porpuse. "This is our Sun. We're here"

"This is our Sun. We're here"

The words kept echoing in my head. Before I could say anything, Sandlia started flying faster and faster, towards a blue, green and white planet, which was surrounded door a few asteroids, 'small' and 'big', one of them being the Moon, as humans call it. The planet itself was enormous, way bigger than Earth. u could tell, just door looking at it, that it was full of life, and...magic.

Moving away from the Sun, our Sun, we head towards that magical planet. Our planet. Hilenster.