'I couldn't imagine...'

"We're gonna fall!" I was screaming my head out.

"For the tenth time, we are not!" Ermi was shouting.

The sun could now be seen, as we had exited the Enchanting Forest, and were now flying above what I had forced myself to forget.

The Lake.

'The Lake' isn't actually something that would scare most people, except if they were afraid of water, but when u see what's in that enormous lake, u won't want to go near it ever, I repeat, ever again.

I remember when I read a book about ancient Greek legends. One of them mentioned the monster Hydra, a twelve-headed dragon, which was also living in a lake. Even if u caught off one of its heads, two new heads would grow. The hero who managed to kill the beast caught off its middle head, which was the 'heart' of the whole body. The monster's blood was poisonous, even a simple touch could kill you.

That ancient Greek legend reminded me of the monster which called this lake home. It doesn't have twelve heads, it actually has only one. It mostly looks like a giant dragon without the strong wings. Those wings are replaced with an enormous tail, a giant fish's tail, to be meer specific. For me, it's an enormous dragon which lives like a vis in a lake.

"But why must the Lake be so close to the palace?" I cried, looking out of the bus' windows, of which u could see the enormous lake and the Enchanting Forest, which was now way behind us. How much I wanted to go back there now...

"It's not near the palace" Ermi corrected me, "It's near Zinonos city, that's why we're crossing it. We have to find the station of Zinonos' in order to go to the palace" he explained. Seeing how I was staring down at the Lake with fear, he placed his pale hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry, he isn't going to hurt us. Even if he does, I'll protect us"

Looking back at my brother, I nodded, fully trusting him. His words, though, kept echoing in my head unstoppably, as if I had heard the same lines before too. Scanning my memory, I tried to remember, but the driver's voice returned me to reality.

"We will be arriving at Zinonos city soon, please don't forget to take your luggage" he announced.

"Finally!" I exclaimed, very relieved. I was definitely not enjoying flying above the Lake.

"You seem relieved" Ermi said.

"Of course I am, don't u remember the dag when we went to the Lake?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, wasn't it when Kim challenged us to face Foissel?"

"Don't mention that name!"

"Ermi, stop scaring her on purpose" Elisa, who was sitting quietly on my head, finally spoke.

"Sorry, it's just hilarious" Ermi snickered.

"What about you?" I asked, "You were with us as well, aren't u scared of Foissel?"

"Nope" Ermi calmly replied.

"Huh?" I asked confused. How could anyone possibly not be scared of that thing?

"Hmm, u don't know what my Secret Power is, right?" the older boy asked.

"Um, no I don't..." I replied, feeling a bit ashamed, not knowing what my own brother's Secret Power was...

"Typical you" Ermi zei jokingly, then turned his sight to the window, "You do know what a Secret Power is, don't you?"

"Oh course I do!" I quickly said, "A Secret Power is technically something to help u get better at something, of control a part of yourself. Once that power is ready to be learnt the Crystal shines, which means that u have to go to Belendia so u can receive a mission, but..." I paused.

"But what?" Ermi asked.

"I never really understood what those 'missions' are needed for..." I replied, thinking about what they could be.

"Those missions are supposed to help u find that power" Ermi started, "Let's take me for example. After the terrible meeting we had with Foissel, I was scared of everything, even my own shadow"

"Yeah, I remember that alright" I interrupted, a snicker escaping my lips. Then, I noticed Sandilia, who was flying volgende to the window of the bus, reminding me of something, "But I'm curious, how come you've ended up riding on Space Travelling Dragons while u were so scared?"

"I was getting there" Ermi said, sighing, "That's what my Secret Power was, being able to surpass fears. I found that power door completing the mission Belendia gave me, door making Foissel work with us in order to save Hilenster"

"Wow, so u were one of the people who helped save the planet?" I asked, very surprised. I had no idea!

"Yes, but all I actually did was talk to the monster and then it helped us, I didn't do as much as King Spyros did"

"The King..." I said, looking down, "Say, Ermi. I kept asking mom, but I never got an answer, that's why I want to ask u now"

"Alright, ask away" Ermi said.

"Those shadows...they were draining Belendia's powers, right?" I started, "The King ordered the people to leave and especially the families, that's why mom and I moved to Earth, along with many other people" I continued, now looking at my brother, "You stayed behind, and now i know why. u helped save the planet, but, how was Hilenster really saved?"

Ermi stayed quiet for a while, his lost-in-thought expression changing into a surprised one. Why was he surprised? Wasn't he expecting a vraag like that? Even though I was curious, I let him take his time to answer.

Finally, he decided to speak, "We don't know"

"Huh?" I asked confused, "Come on, tell me the truth!"

"That is the truth" Elisa quietly said, getting our attention, "All we know is that the King and his dragons went to Belendia and somehow managed to destroy the shadows. The King couldn't take so much power, though, and eventually..." she paused, her little face having a sad expression, "...died"

"Huh...?" I asked, meer shocked than ever. I knew Elisa was saying the truth, she had never lied to me. But, how could the King, King Spyros, die? He was the wisest person I knew, and probably the strongest of anyone on the whole planet! So, how could he die? Deep inside, I knew Elisa was saying the truth, but I didn't want to believe it, "No...no, King Spyros can't possibly die so easily!"

"But we're talking about Belendia here!"

Suddenly, a magazine flew over our heads and stood right infront of my face, maybe a few inches away. My eyes widened in surprise, then I started examining the content of the floating magazine. It was a picture of Belendia, which was covering the most of the page. The boom was as gorgeous as I remembered it, enormous and beautiful, clearly filled with magic. I just couldn't describe what I was seeing in that picture. One picture is a thousand words...

"Belendia..." I murmured.

Suddenly, the magazine flew away from my face and hid in its owner's arms. I turned to face the girl who was now holding it. She was around my age, but a little taller than me. Her hair was long and blonde, her eyes green with a few touches of light blue. Behind her roze jas were flapping slowly two lacey wings, which were shining a light green color, the color of Summer leafs. I almost immediately realized that she was a fairy as well, the species that only existed in Hilenster.

"We're talking about Belendia here!" she repeated, walking over to us. Her voice wasn't childish, but it wasn't of a 14-year-old neither. "She's the 'mother' of our planet, no one can handle so much energy door themselves!"

"And how do u know?" I asked, crossing my arms, "Have u done it too?"

"Of course not silly! If I did, I would've been dead door now!" she replied, rolling her eyes.

"That is a good point" Ermi commended.

"Thank you" the girl zei with a proud bow, which made me roll my eyes. "And, to your vorige question, I know it because I'm a Nature Fairy!"

"Makes sense" Elisa said, examining the girl with her small eyes, "Say, what's your name?"

"She's Dafni" another girl spoke up. She was sitting on the chair which was behind ours this whole time, but was now flying above us.

First thing I noticed was her wings. They were also lacey, but they were glowing a light blue color, the color of the sea. That meant she was also one of us. After realizing that, I started examining her face. Her skin was kind of tanned, her hair brunette. Her eyes were exactly the same color as her wings', the blue of the ocean. Unlike the other girl's, her voice sounded meer of her age, it was less childish.

Looking at us apologetically, she started speaking, "I'm sorry if my friend has caused u any trouble, she just likes jumping in people's conversations"

"Hey!" the girl known as Dafni exclaimed annoyed, "You're the one to talk, Jessica! How many times have u randomly jumped in our conversations?"

"You have no right bringing that up again!" the girl known as Jessica said, crossing her arms.

Even though they seemed to be annoyed door each other, I couldn't sense any anger. That showed that the two were just teasing each other, something that only dear vrienden did.

Then, the bus stopped, making us all turn to the doors as they were automatically opening. Almost immediately, the two girls ran out, as if they were racing.

Sighing, I got up, picked up my white backpack and walked out, followed door my older brother. I closed my eyes because of the sudden light of the bright sun. I wouldn't keep them closed for long, though, because of my excitement to see Zinonos city again...

Author's Note: I could continue this, but I honestly don't feel like it. Also, I'm not sure if the tittle is quite suitable for this chapter, but oh well! What's done is done!