'On the road to the palace'

Walking through the Plaza Road, the girls and I kept chatting. Talking with them somehow seemed better than talking with Mao and Noe. Maybe it was because we were from the same planet, we knew the same places. I finally felt like I was talking with someone I knew for years. I was so into the conversation that I didn't pay any attention at all at my surroundings. We kept talking about our hometowns, I learnt things about Waterich Village and Leina city that I had never heard before! After hearing about their homes, I asked for how their Crystal glowed.

I learnt that Jessica was ice skating when her Crystal glowed, she told me that it was very hard to hide it from the people around the skating rink. Right after getting over the same feeling I got when my own Crystal glowed, she hid her Crystal in her coat's pockets and immediately ran out of the rink. She told me that she was glad her vrienden weren't around. I'd bet. They would follow her if they saw her running off like that. She had moved to Earth as well, but not where I lived for 2 years. She admitted that Earth was a nice place, even though its oceans were being polluted. During those 2 years she had moved to Earth, she had helped clean the beaches that were near her house.

I also learnt that Dafni was out with her vrienden when her Crystal glowed, just like me, only that she wasn't late. She always remembers meetings, she always makes notes of things she mustn't forget. I wish I did that too. She told me that her vrienden were surprised when the Crystal started glowing. She quickly came up with a lie. She told them that it was the necklace's speciality, it glows every time you're late for an important meeting. I laughed when I heard that. If only those existed! The idea sounded silly, but they would've been really useful for our daily lives. She told me that her vrienden thought the same thing I did, they asked her where she bought it. They didn't get a reply, though, because she quickly ran off. I can almost imagine her friend's expressions. I was surprised when she told me that they didn't follow. If I were them, I would.

After they were done with their stories, they asked for mine.

I told them everything that had happened. That I was late for my meeting with Mao and Noe, that we were talking about those ancient legends, and that they were surprised when my Crystal glowed. When I added that they knew I was from Hilenster, their jaws dropped on the floor.

"They what?!" They both exclaimed in unison.

"I didn't know there were people on Earth who knew about Hilenster" Elisa said. Her face had a surprised expression, but her tone was surprisingly calm.

"I know, it is surprising" I said, trying to calm them down, "There was someone who told them about Hilenster, someone that had visited Earth way before I did"

"Who was it?" Dafni asked, tonen her curiosity.

"No one is allowed to mention Hilenster to humans!" Jessica said, her expression serious.

"I guess that doesn't count for her" I said, "The one who told them was the princess"

"Huh?" Elisa asked, confused, "But..why?"

"A few years ago, she got her own mission" I started, turning my sight to the shops, mostly trying to avoid the girl's confused looks, "She told me that her mission was quite complicated. She and a boy had to help a teenage girl prove that her friend was innocent"

"Why? What happened?" asked Dafni.

"That girl was actually dead" I continued, "The police blamed him friend for killing her, but he was innocent. The real murders were a few of the policemen, they were acting. They killed the girl because she was spying on them, and she did that because they were actually planning on stealing the covenant of her father, who happened to be one of the richest people of the country"

"And how did they prove that he was innocent?" asked Jessica curiously.

"It was a happy 'accident'~" we heard a voice behind us.

Turning around quickly, we see a short girl, smiling at us, mostly at me. She had long blonde hair, even blonder than Dafni's, tied up in a ponytail, which was hidden door a straw hat. Her outfit was obviously from the country side, it even had the scent of wet gras on it. I realized how she was looking at me with a smile, but I didn't respond.

"How do u know?" Jessica asked, looking at her suspiciously.

"Who are you?" asked Dafni.

"I'll answer to your vragen right after we get out of this crowded place" the blonde said, looking around as the people were passing door us as if they had to buy what they wanted right away.

"Guys, hurry up already!" I heard my brother calling us at the distance.

Quickly, the four of us started running, Elisa flying after us, pushing the people to break through. We kept on going, and, before we knew it, the people got less and less. Passing through now became easier. Catching up with Ermi, I start gasping for breath.

"A little... slower..." I said, holding my stomach with one hand.

"Geez, haven't u been exercising?" Ermi asked, turning to face me. Sandila, volgende to him, slightly snickered.

"Well, sorry!" I murmured, blushing in embarrassment. Ermi simply snickered and messed my hair a little, something he used to do when we were younger. I smiled as he did that.

"If I may ask, what are u all doing here?" asked the blonde, who had followed us. Looking back at her, I noticed that she wasn't tired at all, unlike the three of us.

Without a thought, Dafni replied, "We're going to the palace so we can get permission door the King!"

"Wait who are you?" Ermi asked the girl.

"Permission? For what?" asked the girl, acting like she didn't hear Ermi's question.

"And why should we tell you?" asked Jessica, looking at the girl suspiciously.

"Weeeell..." zei the girl, looking up at the blue sky, "I'm just curious, that's all"

"Fair answer" Dafni zei smiling, causing Jessica to facepalm.

"First of all, we're out of the Plaza Road" she said, making me realize that we were now passing door Aige Square.

Not paying attention to what they were saying, I looked at the fairly big square that we were passing by. Around the square were small cafes, which were sending out hypnotizing scents of their most delicious sweets. How much I wanted to taste one right now. Not very far from the cafes, there were children. They were playing with magic toys, such as fake flying phoenixes, dragons -I also spotted a floating pegasus somewhere. The sight was just wonderful, the kids looked like they were having the time of their lives. I recall the times when I was a kid myself, and was playing unstoppably with my vrienden at that very square.

My eyes then immediately fell on the statue that was standing in the middle of the square. It was a statue made of marble, uncolored. It was a statue of a man. It wasn't normal sized -it was actually fairly big. Somehow, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The man was sitting on a throne, which was decorated with precious stones, such as diamonds and emeralds. He had a Crystal made of marble in his one hand, a scepter in his other. The man was wearing a tunic that reached his heels, his feet couldn't be seen clearly under the long tunic. Looking at the statue's head, I noticed that it was wearing a crown, covered door gold. The statue's expression was very serious, it looked like it was watching the sky's every move.

I found my self staring at it amazed. It took the girls a few minuten to bring me back to reality.

"Maria! Geez, it's just a statue!" Dafni was saying over and over, shaking my shoulder.

Finally snapping out of my thoughts, I looked at everyone, "Hehe, sorry, I was just thinking about something" I gave them a little lie.
Hey, I didn't want to give them the impression that I was a weirdo who liked staring at statues!

"Typical you" zei the girl, giving me a smile. I look at her confused.

"Who are u anyway?" I asked.

"Yeah, u haven't answered that yet!" Jessica snapped.

"Hehe, u really have to try transformation spells out. They confuse people easily!" the girl zei with a snicker.

Author's Note: Man, it sure was difficult to find a tittle suitable for this chapter! Not that the one I decided to go with is fine, but oh well!