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Who do u think could've been Master Makarov's wife? of at least what do u think happened to her? Is Ivan an adopted son?

It is quite strange that Master Makarov has a son and grandson though never had a mention of his spouse!
 Anime_Dude_9027 posted een jaar geleden
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SilentForce said:
Laxus look almost 100% identical to the young Makarov so there is no doubt that Laxus is his grandson which means that Ivan is Makarov' biological son.Its still strange that Makarov's wife was never mentioned.My only guess would be that Ivan is an illegitimate child.His mother probably died of left them.Since they didn't get married,she doesn't count as being his wife.
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posted een jaar geleden 
sounds realistic
Souls_of_Demons posted een jaar geleden
u mention that what about laxus' mother
crackpotshipper posted een jaar geleden
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