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Anyone have an OC I could use in my fanfiction?

I am currently writing a fairytail OC fanfic. I have written one chapter, which is the backstory of my OC, Quinn Hazeldine (who uses letter magic). It explains how she got her magic. She is a member of Fairy Tail and I think it would be fun if she had some teammates that were other people's OCs. I would be happy to write them a backstory like I did for Quinn if u would like me too.

Thanks in advance!

Here is the fanfiction if u would like to read it:

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Backstory (Only if u want me to write an extended version):
Extra Information (Optional):

If u have any questions, please ask!
I would love to include/reference a lot of different OCs.
WritingBookWorm posted een jaar geleden
 WritingBookWorm posted een jaar geleden
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Animefangirl2 said:
Name: Zoey Nightshade
Gender: Female
Magic: Water dragon slayer
Appearance: Long Blue hair (commonly kept in back ponytail) silver bow in hair, Big chest, blue eyes,slim
Personality: MAJOR tsundere.
Backstory: was raised door water dragon ( Aquaria ) like other dragon slayers it left when she was 7 years old. Has a pet exceed named violet ( Vi for short ) A white cat with Ginger spots.
Extra Information: ( are u using any characters from the actual show? If so read this ) when she was little she met Natsu in the woods and they became close friends. ( he's the one who gave her the bow. ) later they got separated door a storm and now she's secretly determined to find him.

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posted een jaar geleden 
Thank you! And yes, I will be using some characters from the real thing, but the protagonists will be OCs
WritingBookWorm posted een jaar geleden
No problem. Good luck with ur fanfic 👍
Animefangirl2 posted een jaar geleden
Choclate1203 said:
Kyla Najir
She can transform into anything
She's Black, has brown hair, and brown eyes
She's a tsundere
Her parents died at when she was young so she learned how to live with the animals
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posted een jaar geleden 
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