Fairy Tail Fairy Tail RP!! (FULL!!)

sieluvzsoul posted on Oct 07, 2013 at 11:54PM
(heres wat u need)
appearance: (body type, hair color of eyes no clothes cuz their suppose to change each time)
age: (can b any age rlly)
power: (minimum is 2)
partners: (u culd mak ur own or team up with the other OCs)
attitude: a perv or sumthing like tht u get it)
crush:(no avoiding it, cuzzins idea, tru otaku lol)
(ya ik its short but ill cum up wit more along da way PLZ JOIN and yes there can b romance in the RP and cussing and pervy moments, i honestly dnt care, SO JOIN!!!!AYE!!!!)
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark falls over from standing to long
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
zeleana: calm down *helps liz up* im here 2 help u
liz: how do we kno if ur telling the truth?
(is spark rlly gonna leave fairy tail, NO we jus strted the RP)
zeleana: wuld i help u up if i wnted 2 hurt u
liz: guess ur rite
zeleana: ik i am
liz: *crosses arms*
liz: and y shuld i spark?
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark:dont care in pain
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: HOLY SHIT *kneels beside him* i-im so srry i didnt notice u fell
zeleana: o no
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een jaar geleden tigerfinn said…
*jen takes max to the guild*
max: hi
gray: *takes his shirt off* sup <_<
max: sup
natsu: you looking for someone?
max: ya
natsu: who is it?
max: his name is fier
*everyone was shocked*
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: hey ik wer he is, him and our friends were kidnapped by the same thing*
arie: Gray shirt......... ON *kiks him into the ground stomping his head in farther at least 12 times*
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark:so what r we doing
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: wha? i dunno *tries 2 sprout wings but it hurts her making her scream but she keeps trying*
zeleana: LIZZY quit
liz: *keeps trying*
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark:lis stop
een jaar geleden tigerfinn said…
fier: i need to go out of here
*fier ran from room to room but caught by a guard*
guard: one escaped get him!!!
fier: damn im caught *runs faster*
*guards were gaining*
fier: i forgot about liz and spark but first things first i need to escape them
guard: cmon!
*fier unleashes a large black fire ball that hits the entire army chasing him*
fier: wheres the dungeon.
*fier walks to the prison warden chasing him and grabs the prison warden*
warden: ha i wont tell you
*fier punches the warden*
warden: i wont tell you
*fier punches harder but with fire*
warden: ill talk ill talk they are in the basement
*fier lets go of the warden and left to go to the dungeon*
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een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *ignores both and keeps trying as tears fill her eyes* i hav 2 get us outta here u need *screams* MEDICAL...HELP
zeleana: ELIZABETH u need 2 stop plz
liz: *wings strt 2 sprout but it hurtz her alot*
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een jaar geleden tigerfinn said…
*in the basement*
fier: psst psst liz
guard: you hear that?
fier: yeah *unleases the flame and the guards lay down dead*
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: *stops* hey wat was tht, it sounded lik fier
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark:im fine in the brain i think wait why is there a dancing cactus
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: wut no! wut else do u see spark?
(sie: hm no bananas)
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark:blair and happy aredancing and really bright light
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
zeleana: i dnt think this is good
liz: w8 brite lite, no, dnt go into the lite *hugs spark*
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark falls down and clintchs his knees up against his chest
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: spark plz *puts her hand on his head as tears cum 2 her eyes*
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark:lis my head it hurts everything is crumpling
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: its ok spark im here, itz ok ur jus hallucinating, ull b better b4 u kno it
zeleana: ur ok
liz: all u need 2 do spark is jus think about sumthing else, anything tht makes u happy
zeleana: wut does he mean crumpling?
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark:everything i knowits ripping being destroyed the light its brighter
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: omigod plz spark dnt go into the lite, y r u dying here *hugs spark*
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark:only one piece is stable its
spark goes into a coma
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: wut piece? Spark? SPARK!!!!!!!!!!!
zeleana: lizzy im so srry *kneels beside her*
liz: *lunges into zeleanas arms crying*
zeleana: im srry itz all my fault *cups hands behind lizs head* im so srry elizabeth, theres sum goodish news
liz: huh
zeleana: hes in jus a coma
liz: so hes nt dead
zeleana: corse nt Sparks strong, hell pull through jus wach
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
ang runs over too where liz is:what happened
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: magic energy gone, spark, lana, pass out, hallucination, blood, leg, twist, COMA GAH *shakes her head wildly*
lana: oops i think shes gone into shock
liz: *falls onto lanas lap*
lana: or blood loss, or BOTH
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark in mind hangson to a piece rock
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
(a wha)
lana: *looks at lizs leg* god damnit it wnt stop bleeding itz external, can u get us all outta here, i think they both need medical attention as soon as possible *looks at ang her eyes sparkling with tears*
liz in mind: ys it alwayz gotta b me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im srry spark, i hope i dnt live through this, if i do i dnt deserve it, if i liv ill b depressed 4 the rest of my life
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
spark is picturing himself barly hanging on because he is)
ang:k ill pick um up
ang picks them all up with a giant boulder and they rush to fariy tail
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
lucy: i hope ang found them
natsu: *puts his arm around lucy* itz ok lucy dnt freak
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
the boulder stops outside fariy tail
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
kani: hey wut was tht *runs towards door kiking it open seeing the boulder* HOLY FUK
lucy: is tht Liz??!!!!!!!!? *runs towards the boulder as gray takes liz off of it and lyes her on the same table she died on b4*
natsu: spark 2
lyon: who r u? *looks at lana*
lana: Zeleana, im a friend of lizs
gray: o no liz has a tear in her bones going all the way up her leg
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
ang :thats bad
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
gray: yes as a matter of fact itz unhealable *covers 1 side of her leg in frost*
liz: *sits up quikly * GOD DAMN THT HURTS
gray: srry itll numb it
liz: gah *falls bak down*
lyon: *frosts the other side*
liz: *flinches in pain* wach it
lyon: srry
liz: hows spark
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
ang:oh yeah
ang picks up spark and walks over to a table but trips droping sparking leaving on the floor with blood matting his hair
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: DUMBASS *appears beside spark*
lucy: liz he did it accidentally
liz: rite, srry ang r u ok *lifts spark up*
een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
ang:im kinda clumsy hand over spark u need to rest
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz: and let u fall again HELL N.........
lyon: liz hes rite u need 2 rest
lucy: lana can u tak her home? and stay with her till i get there?
lana: sure lucy, id b happy 2 help, cum on lizzy *extends out hand*
liz: guess ur rite * puts sum of her magic energy in spark but no one notices then gives spark 2 ang* b careful with him ok *grabs lanas hand*
lana: *tugs liz up grabbing her b4 she culd fall* lets go
liz: k
liz in mind: i hope tht helps u spark ik itz nt alot but mayb jus mayb it culd help u
both: *dissapear*
natsu: itz kinda hrd 2 beleive tht shes the spirit who was trying 2 kill liz hours ago
blai: guess liz changed sumthing in her
happy: we all kno liz is known 4 tht
lucy: well shes never gonna b the same again if spark dies
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
ang sets spark on table
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz in mind: cum on magic energy plz wrk 4 spark didnt i put enough in him
lucy: i cnt deal with a broken hearted liz again
tsukune: cum on we broke up a yr ago
lucy: i can still hold a grudge
een jaar geleden tigerfinn said…
fier: the basement is big it would take time to search for them
*moe guards approaching*
fier: i can do this all day long
*a large explosion sounds*
zelef: fier
fier: zelef
zelef: so fier how is it with natsu
zelef: not talking huh?, it ok.
fier: zelef whats your reason to be here.
zelef: you
*back in guild*
max: zelef is back
jen: zelef? who is zelef?
max: the dark wizard.
*back in the castle basement*
*another large explosion accurs and fier fighting zelef*
fier: i dont have enough magic energy to fight
zelef: cmon fier fight me or your just weak
*fier was pissed*
fier: nobody calls me weak
zelef: ssems to me someone should.
*fier teleports behind zelf in instant*
fier: i said nobody
zelef: what?!?!?!
*fier unleashes the fireball and hits zelef in the face*
zelef: we are just getting started.
*zelef casts repent* (repent is a dark beam used to kill hades in episode 113 or 114)
fier: f*ck
zelef: hmph
*fier goes through wall to wall and he saw liz and hits the castle wall breaking it*
fier: ugh i hate this robe
*fier removes the royal robe and throws it into flames*
fier: wheres zelef?
sieluvzsoul commented…
DONT SPOIL IT! een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden tigerfinn said…
fier: looks like zelef is gone
*searched the entire basement and found nothing but darkness*
fier: this place looks damp and insanely dark
fier: *Yelling* ANYONE CAN HERE ME HELLOOOO!!. looks like something or someone was here
*fiers eyes started to glow and he can see through the dark*
fier: whoa dis is kool
*fier searching and yelling*
een jaar geleden tigerfinn said…
*before fier went to the job*
fier: jen keep an eye out for a dude named max
jen: why fier?
fier: hell beat my ass if he found me <_<
gray: *takes off his shirt* how do?
fier: shut up stripper dumb ass*makes gray eat fire*
natsu: kool i want to try it *makes fier eat fire*
fier: ya looking for a fight mate?
natsu: yeah i do
gray: hey hey stop it
*natsu and fier punches gray*
fier and natsu: STRIPPER CLOTHES ON
gray: ya looking for a good fight eh?
*as fier gray and natsu starts beating each other up gray hits jen in the chest*
jen: AHH*slaps gray* PERVERT
*jen joins the fight*
*jen starts beating the 3*
natsu fier and gray: ow that hurts >_<
een jaar geleden tigerfinn said…
*after hours of searching*
fier: ill face it i cant save them even one *sighs in great relif*
zelef: you gained strenth?
fier: ill face you
zelef: this will be fun
*after hours of fighting the court yard is almost destroyed*
fier: looks like our magic is same as strong
zelef: huff i still huff wont give up ill defeat you huff
fier: ha your out of magic energy
*fier and zelef falls down*
fier and zelef: one more attack and it will be all over
*as they both stand up*
fier: dark ball
zelef: repent
*as the two spells collide it creates a huge explosion that can be seen in a mile and the whole castle starts to shake and the cell door busted open*
fier: huff huff
zelef: we must train after a week ill find you
*zelef disappears*
fier: ill be ready...
tigerfinn commented…
*fier falls down of lack of energy and covered in wounds bleeding* een jaar geleden
sieluvzsoul commented…
lol he got beat up good and all liz did was wach een jaar geleden
tigerfinn commented…
LOL its hurts so bad een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
liz appears looking down at fier as a firy her leg nt healed but she doesnt need it cuz she can fly
(heres wut she looks lik if u dnt kno)
liz: hey fier u got pretty beat up huh, srry i didnt help *kneels down onto her knees a bit away from fier*
last edited een jaar geleden
 liz appears looking down at fier as a firy her leg nt healed but she doesnt need it cuz she can fly
tigerfinn commented…
fier: huff its ok huff *falls asleep bcuz of tiredness* een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden tigerfinn said…
(if ya do not kno zelef heres he is and its not an oc)
name: zelef
appearance: red eyes,black hair.
age: about 19
pet: none
gender: male
power: dark magic
partner: none
attitude: silent,short tempered.
crush: none
sieluvzsoul commented…
ya ik who he is ive heard about him here and there een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
(i alredy kno who he is but thnx 4 telling me wut he lookz lik lol continu later ive got school YUCK bye carlos rite)
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een jaar geleden soulrocks said…
youve a shorter school day i wake up at 6 and get home at 4:30)
een jaar geleden sieluvzsoul said…
( i get out at 3:40 but i wake up at diffrent times in the morning sooooo lol)