We've had a few complaints about how NMA has no impression piece up yet. But, sadly, we are not going to put up an impression piece until we've had the chance to play through the game well and proper, digested our impressions to put down some thoughts. Expect the NMA review anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks from now, and no earlier. That's not to say we're not going to editorialize, but we're in no rush (sorry).

The guy writing the NMA review - Vince D. Weller - happens to just have finished a kind of Let's Play thread with the first 5 days of Fallout 3 and his thoughts on it. For your enjoyment and to at least give u something while we prep our articles, NMA has put up these impressions as an early-impression My Fallout 3 adventures! article. Stress on how this should not be read as a review, and should be taken as light-hearted as it is meant.

dag 1-3 cover familiar ground u probably know from previews, so they're fairly spoiler-light. If u wish to avoid spoilers do not go near dag 4-5.