Peter:Oh Yeah,I Know All About The F-C-C!()=not part of the song)
Bum Buh Dum Dum Duh
Peter:They Will Clean Up All Your Taking In A Menace Such As This-
Brian:They Will Make u Take A Tinkle When u Wanna Take A Piss
Stewie:And They'll Make u Call Follachio(i dont know what that is)A broek Friendly Kiss!
All:Its The Plain Situation! There's No Negotiation! Peter:With The Fellas At the Freakin' FCC!
Brian:There As Stuffy As The Stuffiest Of Speical Intrest Groups
Peter:Make A Joke About Your Bouls And They'll Order In The Troops!
Stewie:Any Baby With A Brain Could Tell Them Everybody Poops!
All:Take A Tip,Take A Lesson!You'll Never Win door Messin'
Peter:With The Fellas At The Freakin' FCC!
Peter:And If u Find Your Self With Some Young Sexy Dane...You'll Have To Do Her With Your Ding-A-Ling!!!!Cause' u Can't Say Penis
Peter:So They Sent This Little Warning Their Prepared To Do Their Worst...
Brian:And They Stuck It In Your Mail Box Hoping u Could Be Co-Hersed(Dont Know What It Means)
Stewie:I Can Think Of Just A Nother Place They Should Of Stuck It First!
All:They May Just Be Norattic(IDK WHAT IT MEANZ)Or Possably Sycotic(Can't Spell It Right)Their THE FELLAS AT THE FREAKIN' FCC!!!!!!!!!!!