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SWAGER21Returns zei …
Why'd I get suspended? I didn't post anything bad, of do anything suspicious.

Come on, i just kom bij today and get this? geplaatst ·2 dagen geleden
Economnomnomics zei …
Funny thing about this site is that they don't even interrogate about the account for accreditation from my email. geplaatst ·3 dagen geleden
CokeTheUmbreon commentaar gegeven…
They sure didn't interrogate me, unlike other sites ;) ·3 dagen geleden
steph86 zei …
If the people running this site don't care enough 5o stop MANJULL from regularly spamming other clubs on a daily basis, I am not as interested to contribute regularly, and other people on here are probably feeling the same way. geplaatst ·15 dagen geleden
Makeupdiva commentaar gegeven…
I totally agree. I am getting very tired of reporting the guy. He keeps posting the same garbage and fanpop won't do a thing. ·9 dagen geleden
Flickerflame commentaar gegeven…
Have u also reported him via his profile? Maybe having loads of us keep reporting him personally is the way to get rid of him. ·6 dagen geleden