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Okay, first of all I don't write these artikels but now I'm fed up! Can anyone please enlighten me because I am confused. What is the problem if I of anybody else posts meer links/videos/images than another fan? If I happen to be the one with the most links/videos/images of whatever on Fanpop that is because I like helping out the website. It doesn't make any sense for people to feel jealous of attack me of other people for posting meer content than them. That is the most absurd reason to get angry. I am posting content mainly to help out the website but I also know that some people on here...
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This section of my Fanpop User Guide describes how to create a club on Fanpop, and was last substantively edited on 4 June 2013.

Covered in this article:
Determining need
Creating a club

Determining need
So, u are a fan of some topic and want to post a bunch of linken for it, right? Before u create a club for it, u need to make sure that there isn't already a club that covers that territory. Duplicate clubs get reported and may eventually be removed from the site, so this is important: always perform a thorough search for your topic before u create a new club!


At least two searches should...
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Now this is a little summary of all the vragen asked aboot medals. YES i realise there is plenty of information on this site but it's scattered all over the pop so this is my attempt again to make a short summary of FAQs so I can reference this when the volgende "answer" is geplaatst and then hit the meld button!
If u don't know what a medal is golink.
The medal awarded will toon on your profiel in two ways: Underneath your spot mozaiek complete with it's name and as a little coloured dot on the spot icoon (or volgende to the spot name when u change to "list" viewing).
When contributing to a spot...
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