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 Fantage Pets
Fantage Pets
Here are all of the codes to the pets in Fantage.

Pebbles Family: Starter Egg
Mumbo: Low Light + Medim Temp.
Weebo: Medium Light + Warm Temp.
Jimbo: High Light + Medium Temp.
Tombo: Low Light + Cool Temp.
Rumbo: High Light + Cool Temp.

Cosmos Family: Sunshine Egg
Rocki: Low Light + Warm Temp.
Poofi: Medium Light + Warm Temp.
Sparkli: Medium Light + Medium Temp.
Charmi: Low Light + Cool Temp.
Beami: Highest Light + Medium Temp.

Fairies Family: oranje ster Egg
Mylo: Low Light + Medium Temp.
Shylo: Highest Light + Cool Temp.
Lolo: Highest Light + Warm Temp.
Ceelo: Medium Light + Cool Temp.
Halo: High Light + Warm...
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 Vintage goud
Vintage Gold
O.M.G.!! The new vintage koop has opened and u could vote for any item that u want put back on fantage. Anything! Even Blonde BB Hair!!! Awesome right, but it costs A LOT! 10,000 for anything they bring back. Cool right? Here is the picture to prove :D They even have betas being brought back!!! Its so fun to play fantage. Vintage goud replaced trade n' sell.So earn stars and buy membership real fast, cause all this stuff is 4 a limited time. Now every and I mean every member and non-member can be as good as civic_princess and pinkstardust :D we could even be better ;) They are selling betas, even roze dont got all the betas but we could. So all of the people who think they are lame n' stuff on fantage nows your chance to be the best. I wrote this for my bff wishes116. Everyone bullies her. So when I heard about this I told her and now she has ALL the awesome stuff. So stop bulling my bff! Shes the best and is really awesome so back off her :D Bye peeps see ya later:)
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Ok, my sister is thirteen. She acts like she does not want to go on her account on fantage at all. Ther's just one thing!!! I can tell she wants to, but she is scared of being made fun of. I believe that u can play Fantage if u are 16!!! If u really want to play, get an acount on Fantage and don't tell anyone!!! I don't think your age should control your life!! I am 11 years old but my mind is 3, except the stuff I learn in school. So basically what I'm saying is DON'T LET AGE DETERMINE WHAT u DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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