Fantasy What is your fairies are your favoriete from a Disney Movie?

Pick one:
Peter Pan/ Tinker klok, klok, bell (A.K.A Tink)
Sleeping Beauty/ Flora, Fauna, Merryweather
Cinderella/ Fairy Gomother
Pinocchio/ Blue Fairy
I prefer books, thank-you.
Added by poisonfang
I prefer boeken and TV shows with good fairyes
Added by ave151
Tinkerbell & amp; Fairy Godmother
Tinkerbell & Fairy Godmother
Added by clules11
Don't like fairies
all of fantasia
all of fantasia
Added by moulan
i think tink
i think tink
Added by chattycandy
my fair godmother - my favorte book XD
Added by karlyluvsam
er I don&# 39; t like those type of fairyes
er I don't like those type of fairyes
Added by chrie
the faries from fabelhaven
the faries from fabelhaven
Added by JR13
Vidia from the Disney Fairy Series
Added by tangledfan
i dunno
i dunno
Added by Draculaura10
The GREAT fair-- what disney u say? Sorry I got nothing
Added by LeGreatTree
Winx Club (Bloom Tecna Musa Flora Aisha Stella
Added by moonrise21
all of them!
all of them!
Added by Emirimori
Added by truth76
TinkerBell AND Periwinkle!!
Added by Frozengirl11
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