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posted by want2watcheroes
Tarun's Hideout

Adam was in his room, he was going to meet Sol door a lake nearby Tarun's hideout. He took his sword and went out his room, then started to walk out Tarun's hideout. As he was walking out he noticed that Santino, Mohinder and Tarun were looking at him weird, so he zei "I'm just popping out..." they nodded and got back to work. Santino knew exactly what Adam was about to do...


Craig and Tony, A Snowy Mountain Somewhere

Craig had just stopped the snow from coming down and read the first page in the notebook which read 'Tell him he has a power' Craig looked at the other pages but...
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posted by want2watcheroes
Tarun's Hideout

Adam was in his room in Tarun's hideout, sitting on the bed and jotting something down in a little notebook. Then someone knocked at his door. "Come in." zei Adam.

In came Santino who walked up to him and zei "Adam. I've got a bad feeling that my dad sent Sol to kill you..."

Adam got up from his bed and asked "What gave u this bad feeling?"

Santino answered "I know things, things that not hardly anyone knows. My ability allows me to learn things very quickly and remember things. I know what my dad is like and I can sense something bad with that Sol..."

Adam then zei "You know,...
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posted by want2watcheroes
Adam & Mohinder, In a schuur in an unknown location

Adam had opened a krat the would lead them underground. Mohinder asked "So, we are going go down there?"

Adam: "No I just wanted u to look at it" he zei sarcastically.

Mohinder replied sarcastically back "Oh Ha! Ha! Very funny!"

Then Adam got into the krat and started to go down the ladder. Mohinder followed...


Faustin, Sol, Craig & Tony, Nearby a lake, Unknown Location

Faustin banged on the car as to wake up the rest of them "Come on we are here!"

Tony: "Oh cool! I wanna camp out here!" he zei looking out the window seeing the lake...
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 Mira Shenoy looking at Maya at Mohinder's funeral.
Mira Shenoy looking at Maya at Mohinder's funeral.
Chapter Two

Maya Herrera - Kanyakumari, India

"Peter!?" Maya exclaimed, disbelief and dissapointment mingling sickeningly in the pit of her stomach. For a moment she'd thought...

"Sorry Maya, u weren't supposed to see me here" Peter Petrelli told her, getting to his feet.

Maya simply turned away, ashamed.

"I didn't mean to scare you, it's just, I thought I should pay my respects and..." Peter trailed off.

"It's fine, it's good to see u again." she told him half-heartedly. She turned to face him, but he had gone.

Returning to the beach, Maya wiped the dirt off the long shite sari she...
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posted by want2watcheroes
Calum & Alex, an island off New York

Calum had just knocked out a guard in Alex's cell and took his keys and cards. Alex was able to unchain himself with one of the keys, now they were off to rescue everyone else...

Calum: "Okay. I think your in the low level security section of this prison. There is only one other guard here in this part... I think." then they heard a guard walking up the corridor to inspect why the other guard is taking so long to get Alex to the toilet. Calum then zei "The other guard is coming..." Calum morphed back into a gorilla and as the other guard came in he launched...
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"He recognized you, u know." zei Sylar, looking at Dorian at his side as the cab drove to the restaurant.

"I know." zei Dorian as she tucked a dark curl behind her ear, her light eyes going back to Sylar's. "I saw the fear flicker in his eyes, however brief it may have been." She smiled and looked out the window again. "So, what's this little 'meeting' about?" she asked him.

"Just about the company." zei Sylar as he straightened his tie slightly. "I'll try and keep the conversation off of you." he added with a small smirk, his eyes bright.

"Thank u for that, Gabriel." she zei to him.

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posted by want2watcheroes
Building 26, Washington, D.C.

Nathan was in his office on the phone to Angela when he got a knock on his door, "Okay ma I gotta go." he ended the call and zei "Come in."

The Hunter walked in and zei "They escaped from the Island!"

Nathan "Who escaped?"

The Hunter "All of them! Well two of them died... Some others found the island somehow and that Faustin helped them out... I told u that u can't trust one of them!"

Nathan was angry but tried as hard as he could not to toon he was and zei "Okay who were these people? The ones that took them? The ones who escaped?" he asked.

The Hunter handed...
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Chapter Four

Maya, Peter, Nathan and Angela - Manhattan, New York

Maya was sat in a comfortable living room inside the Petrelli's mansion in Manhattan a few hours later.

"Sorry to keep u waiting, dear" Angela Petrelli said, entering the room "I'm sure u understand" she added, bustling around looking for something.

"I do, thank you, u have a lovely home." Maya told her, hoping to gauge Angela's personality. Though they had never met, Maya had heard a lot about her.

"Thank you, I'll just be a moment" she called, leaving the room again, passing Peter and Nathan on her way out.

"Sorry about...
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posted by want2watcheroes
FTE Cab Company, Science Lab

Mohinder, Claire and West was in a lab in FTE.

They were taking a large amount of Claire's blood and mixing it in with some of the formula that Mohinder got from Pinehearst. West had the urn of Adam's ashes in his hands...

Mohinder "Okay, I think we have got enough. We will have to verplaats this into a cell, If he comes back to life it will be unpredictable."


So they came down to the cells. The formula mixed with Claire's blood was in the placed in the middle of cell...

Mohinder: "Okay West, nows the time to put the ashes in with the formula.."

West put the ashes into...
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posted by want2watcheroes
Salvatore's Hideout

Craig and Tony had just appeared in Salvatore's hideout after Peter told them that Salvatore was a villain. Salvatore appeared in front of them "Congratulations, u done what I asked u to do."

Tony: "Peter your a villain!"

Salvatore: "I'm not a villain, there is no name for what I am... Human, Super-Human, Humanitarian... But not a villain."

Craig: "Then why did Peter call u a villain?"

Salvatore: "Maybe he is trying to trick you... Come on u know HE is the real villain here! Are u gonna trust someone who kills people to get there abilities?"

Craig: "Well I guess not......
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Craig & Calum, Flying to the island Tony was located in

Calum was carrying Craig whilst he was morphed into an eagle but no fully morphed so he was like half eagle. half man...

Craig: "Oh my god! This so damn scary!" he screamed "I think I'm gonna puke." Then he vomited into down below into the water...

Calum: "Will u shut the hell up!? Your heavy as hell too! I'm surprised I haven't dropped your ezel yet!"

Craig: "What do u mean yet!? Are planning on dropping me!?"

Calum: "Shut up! u know what I meant." then he saw the island "I think we are here... Where the hell am I gonna land!?" he...
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Mohinder, his eyes still wide, swallowed.


At last he found his voice. "I wasn't--"

"Wasn't what? Snooping?"

"I was just," he said, "I, I heard u leave, and I saw the boekenkast open, and the light..."

"Are u alright?" she asked casually, stepping forward. As if nothing meer exciting then crossword puzzles were on the monitors.

Mohinder looked at her as if she was insane. "What are u doing?" he said, finding his courage again. The distrust had risen in him once again.

"Helping." she said.

"That doesn't look like helping!" he shouted, pointing at the monitors with their files, the X's over...
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