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While Liverpool face Chelsea in the CL semi-finals, Manchester United meet Barcelona, with Fernando Torres being something of an expert on both sides.

For not only has he come up against United this season, he's faced Barça several times in the past with former club Atlético Madrid.

Using his newfound experience of the English leagues, the young vooruit, voorwaarts has now told Barcelona to watch out for Cristiano Ronaldo in particular.

"Cristiano Ronaldo is at another level," he enthused to Sport. "However, against teams that have the ball it's not so easy for him, and Barcelona can play well and beat them.

"United aren't used to defending here in England because they tend to have the ball."

He continued, "In Spain we don't quite know the level that Manchester United play at, so they must take care. We see them every week here and it's very impressive.

"It's hard to know what they're going to do in attack. Up front they have a system, but up front it's all about mobility... Ronaldo, Giggs, Nani, Tévez - they're always moving. They play based on superiority and it's hard to defend against them.

"Ronaldo? He's above all other players in the world... He can score with any part of his body. He's a complete player. Barcelona will have to cover him because he can give them a great chance to qualify.

"If he feels comfortable and takes the game to the opposition, things will be complicated.

"Nonetheless, the tie is open and anything can happen. It's not impossible to beat Man Utd and I believe that Barcelona can reach the final. I'd love that to happen."

Liverpool Adventure

The interviewer ventued that Torres took the decision to surrender the Atleti captaincy and depart for Anfield after his side lost 6-0 to Barça. In fact, it wasn't quite like that.

"That wasn't exactly it. For many years, things were happening that meant the club wasn't working as I would like. That was just the last straw," he said.

"I think that match had Barcelona still in with a hope of the Liga title, and if we lost, it would have helped Real Madrid. Some Atleti fans had a banner supporting Barça, and that hurt us. Then we lost 6-0, and I looked ot the future. I didn't want to waste time as I didn't see improvement.

"Has my departure helped Atleti? Only time well tell. They've made some good transfers and they're fighting for the Champions League. That's a step towards recovery. For me, things went well. I'm in the semifinal of the CL and scoring meer than ever.

"Those who doubted me? It's a pity, but sometimes u need to go away for people to assess u and to prove that you're a good player. It's not just me: the same happened to Fàbregas, Reina, and Xabi Alonso. It's a shame for Spanish football, but it'll only happen meer in future."

On the subject of his own club, he agreed that Rafael Benítez seemed to excel in knockout contests.

"It may look easy, but getting to three semis in four years is anything but," he ebegan.

"Rafa's way of working is very good for two-legged contests. Many teams play 90 minutes, but u need to think of all 180. Rafa's great at that, and he gets results."
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Fernando Torres yesterday equalled a 46 jaar old record of a Liverpool player scoring in eight consecutive games at Anfield. The only other player to have done that was the Anfield legend Roger Hunt in 1962.

Torres also equalled the record amount of goals scored in the Premiership in a debut season, previously held door Ruud busje, van Nistelroy when he first joined Man Utd.

"I knew before the game about the chance to equal Roger Hunt's record and I am very proud to go down in this great club's history," Torres said.

"It is hard in your first season but it has been made easier door the support I get and...
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