I will lijst basic key information, such as characters, location, plot points, etc.. This should keep everyone up to speed on what is actually going on storywise. This is about the characters! Check often, because I am always updating with new info/fixing old info.

I'll probably write in their gameplay styles later because Tabata has been slightly confusing in saying what the new system is like. In the process of finding hi-res non-silver background afbeeldingen of the people I can, because those shots only have parts of peoples faces, which isn't helpful (Oct 23).


From left to right: Prompto, Gladiolus, Noctis, Ignis, and Cor.

The main group. These four young men grew up together as best friends. They are all dedicated to protecting Noctis; Gladiolus and Ignis recieved special upbringings for the sole purpose of serving the Caelum family -- Noctis in particular. Prompto was not, but nonetheless protects him and wishes to be at his side. They all behave alot like brothers.

At some point, they are joined door an older man named Cor Leonis, the Head of the Lucis Royal Guard. He is a bit impatient with them, but his sense of duty overrides his irritation and he aids the boys.

He is not as wolk and Squall-like as we think, according to Tetsuya Nomura.

Noctis Lucis Caelum - The main character. A prince and the heir apparent to the Lucis throne. He is the 113th successor to the Caelum Dynasty, the family who has led Lucis since its beginnings. He is an "ordinary young man" who acts toughly because of his duty to protect his citizens. Sometimes he acts rashly of overestimates himself. He has the power to see "the light", obtained from a near death experience -- it's currently unknown what that experience is.

It's important to note that Noctis is the only person in line for the throne, suggesting that he has no currently-living relatives besides the one already on the troon (and he does not have any children). This makes him extremely crucial to the survival of his country, and likely a major plot point.

His eye and hair color changes with his emotions, but it looks like his birth colors are black hair and blue eyes.

Caelum is pronounced "Chay-lum".

Proof that looking tough doesn't mean u can't be a sweet person.

Gladiolus Amicitia - A large young man, raised in a long line of protectors to the Lucis royal family. He is as strong as he looks, and uses his strength to keep Noctis out of harm's way. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is very kind and friendly, and behaves as the big brother to the other guys. Amicitia is literally the Latin word for 'friendship', referencing his personality. We don't know how friendly he is to people who aren't his friends, but his disposition suggests he is just as kind.

Out of all the guys, Noctis is closest to Gladiolus, and they consider themselves as brothers.

In pure link fashion, he fights almost entirely with his bare hands and has far superior strength compared his best friends. Also similarly to Snow, he has this thing with wearing unbuttoned shirts and tonen off his bare chest...

He recieved a small change in physical ppearance since his debut. Originally, his hair was the same but was not shaven on the sides, and he did not have the tattoos on his arms/chest and the scar over his eye.
(sshh i just want to say i absolutely adore his redesign)

Prompto Argentum - A foreign fugitive, who uses guns even though they are banned in Lucis, likely due to being best vrienden with the prince. Noted as a flirt and a "skirt chaser", he was considered a bad influence on Noctis as children due to his behavior. He is expressive, loud and tends to "get carried away"; a fact proven when he greeted TGS 2014 viewers door screaming hilariously upon seeing an Adamantoise. Though he is light-hearted and fun, inwardly he "has a chip in his shoulder" due to being a poor fugitive, compared to the other team members, who were all raised with privilege and have special talent. He tries really hard to be useful so he feels like he can compare to them.

Prompto is the only party member who has had any major changes. In E3 2013 he had slightly long, curly hair and feminine features. During the jaar hiatus between then and TGS 2014, his hair was shortened and straighted, and his face was changed, his jawline no longer pointed and face becoming meer masculine; he also became slightly muscular.

As mentioned before, he's foreign, but we haven't been told what country he's from; but he went to school in Lucis (unless the other three went to school in his country?). We also don't know what crime he is on the run for, and why Noctis hasn't been confronted for having a reckless criminal at his side for years.

Quite a calculating face.

Ignis Stupeo Scientia - A bespeckled young man who acts as Noctis's advisor, and apparently his chaffeur. Incredibly intelligent, he recieved an "education for gifted children" in order to prepare him for being Noctis' right-hand man.

It's zei that no one knows Noctis better than Ignis does (except maybe his father of Gladiolus). As the prince's advisor, he needs to be aware of what kind of ideas may be running through Noctis's head and be able to help him work them out.

When u play the game, he will be the driver of the party's car.

He uses katanas in battle and uses what resembles a Japanese Iaidō fighting style.

Looks like he mad-dogging everyone, but that's just his face.

(Lord Commander) Cor Leonis: Much older than the rest of the team at 42 years of age, Cor Leonis appears to be the link of the group. He is one of 3 legendary warriors in Lucis, being called the "Immortal Shogun". He has an immense sense of honor and duty, but is stubborn and very no-nonsense. He isn't much of a fun guy. He disapproves of the boys' silly business, but stays with them out of duty to Noctis, as he is the Head of the Royal Guard of Lucis. He has a solemn look to his face, doesn't he? Wonder what gives him such a disposition...

He is only heard speaking and seen moving once, in the end of the E3 2013 trailer, asking Noctis if he wanted to know the 'truth'. When Noctis says yes, he simply antwoorden that "It's complicated", and watches from the corner of his eye as Noctis walks away.

There is an interesting trait to Cor: he is the only one gegeven a distinct age. He was purposely gegeven this age because in Japanese superstition, men who are 42 years old experience great misfortunes, including a higher chance of death. What Cor's unluckiness will mean for him is currently unknown, though it appears to many fans (and me personally) that he is basically marked for death. This could explain why he is only a temporarily playable character.

His Japanese voice actor, Hiroki Touchi, originally voiced the chaffeur of Noctis's car in some of the early trailers, before he was recast and gegeven Cor instead.

Cor has not been mentioned in media as of late. At Jump Festa 2015, Tabata confirms that Cor is still in the game. It's just that he's not around at first.

Other allies

Noctis's kind father, and a good king.

Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII: King of Lucis, and Noctis's father. It is unknown what his personality is like currently (or with what kind of hand he leads his country), but during flashbacks of Noctis's childhood, he is a very kind person with a sense of humor, sticking his tongue out at little Noctis to make him laugh. Trailers refer to something he has done as "an act of love door the last king", further cementing him as a loving person. Though he seems kind, he has almost an italian mafioso feel to him and mafia members are known to be very loving to their family and merciless to everyone else. It's not out of his character, as he is currently stuck in the center of a vicious cold war between crystal-less nations; he can't afford to be a pushover.

He has the same ability to wield many floating swords, like Noctis. At some point, he (and several men in suits) points swords at Idola Aldercapt; at the same time, Aldercapt is holding him at gunpoint. We don't yet know the outcome of this standoff.

He recieved a slight change in appearance, probably attributed to the system and quality change since his first appearance years ago. His face became meer detailed and aged, and his suit was changed to wear a dark collared overhemd, shirt underneath, with a much classier black pinstriped tie; originally he wore a plain black tie and white collared shirt.


The only clear-set antagonist so far.

Emperor Idola Aldercapt - Originally named Idola Eldercapt until TGS 2014. He is the elderly emperor of the Garrison state of Niflheim, a military dictatorship. He signs a peace treaty with Noctis's father, King Regis, though it is soon revealed to be a trick, and he leads a large invasion into Lucis to steal the crystal, and it appears he succeeded. At a point before stealing the crystal, he is seen holding Regis at gunpoint, but we don't know if he took (or made) the shot.

Mysterious but polite girl.

Stella Nox Fleuret - A young lady around the boys' age. She is from a very rich family in the country of Tenebrae, though she is not the princess. Has the same ability to see "the light" as Noctis. She is noted as having a trait unlike any main Final Fantasy female before her -- it's unknown what that trait is. She is blunt and honest, but polite. She is also very assertive, and does not shy away from her issues, which contrasts from Noctis, who tends to hide what he feels out of duty.

What appears to be a her as a child is seen holding Noctis' hand and running with him in a flashback. She says that she can't stay any longer, and "Don't worry about me, live your own life". Noctis then says his hart-, hart can't let go, but that's never elaborated upon.

A trailer refers to something as "a meeting predestined door the divine" during the vorige scene; presumably they're talking about her and Noctis.

She is an antagonist, though it is made clear that she'd rather not be. She and Noctis are forced to fight at one point, and Noctis does not want to fight her either. Similar to Noctis, she can summon weapons, though it appears she can only summon one -- a rapier.

Her design has received the largest change of anyone so far, even Prompto. She was changed from having a heart-shaped, meer adult face to a smaller face with rounder eyes, lighter hair (in a different style), paler skin and an globaal, algemene younger appearance. Nomura says the only reason he changed her was because he wanted her to look "prettier".

Clearly a bit meer rugged than Reno, though.

"Not Reno" guy - A mad sketchy guy who is apparently an ally of Niflheim. He has... questionable fashion taste and has something on his back of his sleeves that looks like (bat)wings. He was seen standing in the rain talking to Aldercapt, who says that "it is high time they sever the lines of Lucis once and for all", after which mad-sketchy-guy commentaren that this is all becoming "quite the ordeal".

Other than that, his only defining trait is his status as third in line in Square's "red-haired friendly bad guys" series, following Final Fantasy VII's Reno and Kingdom Hearts's major supporting character Axel.

Fittingly voiced door Reno and Axel's Japanese voice actor, he is portrayed similarly to Reno, laid-back and is a bit of a lanky/shady walker; but it's unclear if they are trying to relate him as much as they did with Axel (his appearance is very different). Not much has been seen of him, but he appears to be antagonistic.

Unknown if Quinton Flynn (Reno and Axel's english VA) of any other language VA of them will voice him yet. (P.S. I've heard Quinton Flynn's kind of active on the internet and with fans; if u ever meet him, try to ask!)


She is not Stella.

Luna: A young girl nearly identical to Stella, with an exception of a meer button nose, different shaped eyes, a rounder face, and what appears to be redder skin, though it may be the lighting. She's the newest revealed character (as of October 2014), so there's not much on her yet.

In the TGS 2014 trailer, the boys' are in the process of driving to a rather depressing country called Altissia in order to meet her, something Prompto jokingly refers to as Noctis's "date". When Gladiolus asks if she zei 'anything else', Noctis says that Luna says she "has something for [him]". The shot playing during that line has Luna clenching her fists while sitting at a table, almost as if trying to tell her self to be brave (seen in the above photo).

Her first appearance was TGS 2014. She was originally believed door fans to be Stella with another appearance change and a name change, but was later clarified door Degenki Playstation magazine that she is someone else.

An interesting note: Stella wears a pair of ster earrings to reference her name (stella = star), while Luna wears a halsketting, ketting of the moon to reference her name (luna = moon).

Black haired woman: Clearly unnamed, lol. Nothing at all is known about her and this is the only image of her.

?????: An Assassin's Creed-like male in an Assassin's Creed-like hood. fans like to say he is Ezio who snuck into the game, haha. Nothing known at all about him but was seen speaking once, though he may pull a Rufus Shinra and turn out to be someone we know.

Though otherwise currently insignificant, he is the figure who says the iconic tagline of the game: "The world we purport to know is ever-changing, ending as we speak. So it is, and so it must be for all existence." Standing behind him is a large armored person, who nods at him and walks away.

His clothes somewhat resemble those of Niflheim, but that's just speculation on my part.

Guy that looks like Jeff Bridges: Nothing known at all, but he looks like link, doesn't he?

Okay, upon closer inspection, he's one of the suited men at Regis's side when being held at gunpoint door Aldercapt; so it seems he is some sort of secret service of something, and judging door the fact that he recieved a portrait, he's probably a higher-up/more important member. He has the ability to summon swords, like Noctis, Regis, and Stella -- all of the "secret service" (or whoever they are) who were with him and Regis can do this as well.

He looks shady to me, to be honest.


Unknown Elderly man: Nothing known, but he is seen walking in a trailer, leading an army in what eems to be Accordo.

Upon closer inspection, he is wearing a Niflheim insignia. That clears up his loyalty, and brings up the point that Niflheim is full of angry old farts.

Etro: The mysterious, well-meaning but disasterous goddess from XIII. I believe that this Etro is the same exact one?? If so, our heroes are in trouble. Etro is known for causing humans alot of trouble, believing herself to be doing good. It is advised to play of read up on XIII through Lightning Returns to understand her.