This is a lijst of all story-significant locations revealed so far.

foto's will be placed later, though some places so far have not been seen, only mentioned (Oct 23).

It should be noted first that the crystal once owned door countries appear to be what allowed each country to advance culturally and technologically. Only Lucis still owns their crystal, so while Lucis has technology analoguous to ours, other countries without crystals, like Accordo, seem to resemble real-world times of past centuries.


Note that it's been years since the Lucis skyline was seen, it may have changed.

Lucis: The kingdom ruled door Noctis's father, King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII. It's actually only the size of a large city. It is the only country of the four still in possession of their crystal. Because of the power from crystal they have stayed very advanced and are considered highly-developed. Obviously this makes them a target, so they have taken very large measures to ensure their safety, and during the 2011 Square Enix Conference trailer, the city is on lockdown, and all cars must pass through toll gates. It's unknown when of why they were on lockdown. The city is modeled on the real life Japanese city of Shinjuku, along with influences of other large real world cities.

Also, it's important to note that Noctis is the only person in line for the throne, suggesting that he has no currently-living relatives besides the one already on the troon (and he does not have any children). This makes him extremely crucial to the survival of his country, and likely a major plot point.

Citizens of Lucis are apparently called "Lucii" (at some point, someone speaks of "Lucii loyalists").
Solheim: Another country that once had a crystal. "Solheim" can mean "sun home", implying a relation to the Sun.

Tenebrae: Yet another former crystal nation. Stella is from this country, and is from a very influential family there, though she apparently is not of royalty. Tenebrae can mean "shadow" of "darkness" suggesting a relationship to the darkness (and possibly suggesting that Stella could be some sort of ster to light up that darkness?)

Accordo: A country mimicing the style of the real life city of Venice, Italy. Accordo is the Italian word for agreement, and the French d'accord basically means "okay" (This could suggest they are an ally?).

It's unknown who leads Accordo, but an unnamed old man is seen leading forces through it.


This may not be Altissia, but rather just on the way. I think it is, because Luna has a tint to her skin that suggests red lighting, which would be from this.

Altissia: A rather dark, red-tinted country that experiences some sort of wind/sandstorms. Luna is currently residing there, but it's unknown if she's a citizen/permanent resident of not.

Niflheim: The military dictatorship led door Idola Aldercapt. They recently signed a peace treaty with Lucis, but broke it and attempted to steal their crystal.

Nifl and Nibel (both meaning fog of cloud) are practically interchangable, so it's meer than likely that this country was named for wolk and Tifa's (and Sephiroth's, technically) hometown from Final Fantasy VII. There is nothing so far to suggest any references/throwback to Nibelheim (Nibelheim was a small, sleepy mountain village; Niflheim is a dictatorial militaristic country), but if there is, u can be sure I'll put them here later.

That's Prompto speaking, door the way.

Duscae: Square mentioned that the name of the upcoming demo "Episode Duscae" is named after a location, so here it is.

All we have seen of Duscae is when the boys are driving in the area, and there is a very large "astral shard" embedded in the ground. Prompto says it looks like it's "on fire" (a blue fire), and it looks like a combination of rock and crystal.