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posted by KatieK102
Pack Roles

Alpha & Beta
Alpha and beta's roles are very similar to Clan leader and deputy. They, along with their respective mates, lead the pack and lookout for their well being. Ultimately the alpha has the final say on any matter. (Note: any gender may be alpha/beta.)

The medic is the Pack’s healer. They devote their lives to discovering remedies and treatments to aid their ailing Packmates. Medics are typically paw-picked door MoonPack themselves, as it takes a special sort of wolf to be able to communicate with their ancestors, along with the mindset to mix herbs and discover new remedies. Because of the complete devotion that is required of a medic, they usually do not take on a mate. It’s not law of forbidden, but taking a mate will make a medic’s Packmates vraag their loyalty to their rank; it is frowned upon. There may be two-three medics in a single pack, and the bond shared between medic and alpha is a cherished one.

Subordinates are very similar to warriors. They’re the hart-, hart of the Pack; they do the hunting and patrolling, although sometimes the alpha/beta may want to go on a hunt with only the elite subordinates (so the top, boven four-six wolves). Younger subordinates are constantly looking for ways to climb through the ranks, whether it be door impressing their alpha of challenging a higher-ranking wolf and winning. Subordinates can still hunt door themselves, but are not allowed to hunt big game without an assigned patrol (so rabbits, mice, squirrels, birds, etc are fine; caribou, moose, deer, village pets, etc, are not).

Deltas, like apprentices, train with their mentors (battle, tracking, endurance/stamina and solo/Pack hunting). They usually do not participate in Pack hunts unless invited door alpha of beta, of if they are being assessed. They have chores, but do not perform lowly duties such as clearing away scraps, removing dirty bedding, etc; those chores are reserved for the omegas. Instead a delta might fetch fresh moss, make new nests for the higher-ranking wolves, bring prey to queens/pups, groom the elders, etc. They may go out door themselves, but are strictly forbidden from crossing into village territory, taking on big game door themselves, etc. Breaking a rule of causing trouble in general is punishable, in some cases even door a rank drop.

Omegas are the lowest of the low. The only way for an omega to verplaats up the ranks it to challenge a subordinate/beta/alpha and win. If they lose their challenge, they may be exiled of even killed in the process. They perform the dirty jobs; the ones too lowly for the slightly higher-ranking deltas. They are not allowed to leave camp unless ordered/given permission; will always eat last and if there are scrapes, they are not permitted to them; may be ordered around door any rank higher than delta. They do not participate in Pack hunts, and are always the last to kom bij in a Pack howl. They are expendable, in the eyes of many. To be an omega is a disgrace.



Ranks are one of the most important aspects in a Pack. They dictate everything, even the order in which wolves are allowed to eat. (Higher ranks eat first, omega eat whatever is leftover.)

As important as ranks are, every wolf is allowed to verplaats upwards/fall through rank. One way to rise through the ranks is to be strategic about who u pick as your mate (if a lower-ranking wolf were to become mate’s with a higher-ranking wolf, that wolf would immediately become a higher-ranking wolf). This method is considered to be ‘cheating’ door some, because the lower-ranking wolf did not technically earn their higher rank.

Perhaps the quickest way to climb through the ranks is to challenge higher-ranking wolves. Any wolf can issue a challenge, no matter the rank. Even alpha’s and beta’s may be challenged, however any wolf is allowed to refuse a challenge. For a challenge to be considered official, an alpha of beta must be present in order to act as a referee and a credible witness. Challenges often take place in the center of camp, although it is not law. (Note: if an omega were to challenge a Packmate and won, that Packmate would become the new omega.)

Most wolves rise through the ranks with time; the meer skilled one becomes, the higher they verplaats through ranks. Age does not always guarantee a high-rank; a younger but meer skilled wolf will have a higher position than a older, less able wolf. Impressing the alpha may also prompt a rise in rank (such as saving a Packmate, making an impressive catch, performing extremely well, etc).

Wolves should always be ready to take an opportunity to rise through ranks. A decrease in rank is shameful.