BB with Michael Cole
Event: WWF Armadgeddon
When: December 12, 1999
Arena: National Car Rental Center
Where: Sunrise, Florida

BB had been booked into a Four Corners Evening japon, jurk Pool Match for the WWF Women's titel along with Miss Kitty, Jacqueline and Ivory who was the reigning champion at this time. BB was involved having been humiliated door Ivory on several occassions in the vorige weeks and this was a chance for pay back.

Prior to the match we got a nice backstage moment of BB getting changed into her evening japon, jurk behind a curtian. A nerdy Michael Cole is practically speechless as she asks him to help tie up her japon, jurk and he splutters out vragen about the match itself! BB makes her entrance and is shoved into the pool along with Miss Kitty door Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah! The match started after Ivory was pulled into the pool door BB, Miss Kitty and Jacqueline.

BB chased after Miss Kitty in the pool at first before Jacqueline was stripped to her bra and panties 3 on 1 door Ivory, Miss Kitty & BB. As BB celebrated swinging Jacqueline's japon, jurk in the air, Ivory jumped onto her back and grappled her into the water. BB eventually shoved Ivory away and quickly adjusted her bra which was in danger of bursting out of her japon, jurk for a moment. Ivory attacked BB again and quickly took control of the blonde EMT, shoving her under the water as BB splashed her arms to try and get back above the surface. With BB weakened, Ivory and Miss Kitty doubled teamed Barbara, again dunking her under the water two meer times. With BB dazed from going under twice, she could do nothing as her japon, jurk was torn off door her opponents to big cheers from the fans. BB's attempts to win the Women's titel were over as she became the seconde woman eliminated from the match!

BB climbed out of the pool giving the red blooded males a real toon in her bra and panties. However Ivory was not letting BB escape that quickly as she attempted to rip off BB's bra as Barbara screamed at Ivory to stop. Clinging on to her bra for protection it looked like Ivory would humuliate BB once again until Miss Kitty made the save door pulling Ivory back into the pool allowing the EMT to make a hasty exit to some quite vocal boos from the fans. Despite losing the match at least her breasts had not been exposed on national television! This would be the closest BB would get to being WWF Women's Champion!
Making her Entrance
BB wrestling with Ivory
Ivory attempting to get BB topless.