Event: WWF Smackdown!
When: November 25th, 1999
Arena: Blue kruis Arena
Where: Rochester, New York

The first ever jus Bowl match took place during the special Thanksgiving episode of Smackdown! and it pitted Jacqueline taking on WWF Women's Champion Ivory in a non titel contest with Miss Kitty as the Special Guess Referee. Jacqueline won the messy affair but after the match, Ivory took exception to Kitty making the three count and shoved her head first into the gravy. This caused the referee to choke on the bits in the jus which brought out the buxom blonde EMT who was still unnamed at this point. She performed her duties to dislodge the piece of food stuck in Kitty's throat who then stumbled away getting her breath back.

The spiteful Ivory then targeted the blonde EMT for getting involved in her business and to a big cheer, she ripped off the blue overhemd, shirt of the Nurse to expose her bra and large breasts that were held in door it. BB was then involved in a brief tug of war before Ivory pulled her into the gravy, soaking her nearly head to toe in it! BB stood up and looked very angry about what had happened while Ivory laughed and splashed meer of the jus in the bowl towards her. With the EMT clearly humiliated door what had happened this was just the beginning of the problems between BB and Ivory as we would see on the volgende RAW!