Where: Marriot Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
When: 5th April 2001
Show: Smackdown! Episode 85

- Backstage Segment -

In the week her husband Stone Cold Steve Austin joined forces with former enemies Vince McMahon and Triple H, Kevin Kelly attempted to get Debra's thoughts on what had happened to The Rock on the vorige episode of RAW!

A short interview took place that ended with a stressed Debra leaving the scene!


KK: Debra... as the former manager of the Rock do u feel any sympathy for him after what happened on RAW... at the hands of your husband... the hands of Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Debra: Well I thought what happened to The Rock was totally unfair and uncalled for.

KK: So u don't approve of what your husband did?

Debra: Kevin how many times I tell u I'm not going to let u get involved in my personal life ok?

KK: Alright but what about professionally from a business stand point?

Debra: I don't know how many times I have to tell u this I'm not... I don't wanna answer this ok?!


We then cut back to the entrance of The Big toon and the commentary briefly commentaar gegeven on the situation.