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Guide by PoooBoo posted een jaar geleden
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Freds and JJ
Right. I’m sorry to do this but I’ve been left with no other options seeing as Cook and JJ claim to remember less than I do about last night. This is an appeal. To the lady... Now Cook says that u were ginger but he also told me that u were 52 and he’d necked a load of acid so... Any way as I said, I’m really sorry about not being able to quite remember your face but I’m sure it was very beautiful...

We were at the Hot Sundee boot Party and I remember we jumped into the water, as I now have a killer fucking cold and my trainers smell like (as Cook so eloquently put it) a mermaids downstairs surprise. Then it gets a bit hazy but I remember we got out of the water and I lent u my cardigan. We must of got a kebab after that as I have Chili sauce down my T-shirt and JJ is farting like a bulldog, which he only does after a humus and pita. Anyway after the kebab I don’t remember very much. Again, sorry, but a bottle of vodka, six sambooka’s and a couple of pills really does fuck with a man’s memory. I woke up in all my clothes (apart from the cardigan) and a miniature cowboy hat which Cook claims I got when I made love to a fret dressed as Clint...
Article by kristin91 posted een jaar geleden
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It's great being a heart-throb, thank u very much. It's good, it's wierd. I've been acting for a few years, but now this is different. I've had a lot of attention, fan letters through my door, and facebook has gone through the roof with messages and friend requests. I keep pictures girls send me. And i hope i have a lot meer of them soon...

Apparently, I'm the new Dev Patel. It happened to him so quickly. But does lightning strike twice? i guess it could happen.

I was number 5,282 in the audition for Freddie. I had to wait for four and a half hours. Nine auditions later i got the part.

Girls may be attracted to me because i'm on tv. I saw Lacey Turner(From Eastenders) in a bar and she's not that amazing looking. The first thing that attracted me to her was her fame

I won't be going off the rails. u won't see me falling out of nightclubs. I'm not a big drinker. I did go out in a Borat mankini once though. My motto is 'Do it properly of stay at home,' so i thought 'Why not?' I had a moustache and everything. I don't think i will be wearing it again.