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Best of Freddie

Freddie McClair- Battle for the sun

Freddie Mclair- My style is di bom digi bom

Freddie Mclair- Closer to the sun

[Freddie/Effy] I'm not ready to lose her yet

freddy and karen [is this the end]

Freddie Mclair (RIP) - A Promise

May angels lead u in | Freddie Mclair

And if u are a Ghost

Rest in Peace, Freddie Mclair || Martial Law

Skins ; Freddie McClair ; I'm Only Human. "He's all I've got. God knows he's all you've got"

the answer (freddie mclair)

Freddie&Quinn || And suddenly you're in love with everything .

freds; nobody cuts me like u (uvc)

If I Saw u In Heaven || My Part || Freddie/Cook

Dropped || My Part || Freddie/Effy

Multifandom Couple Collab || My Part || Freddie/Effy

Freddie/Effy - How To Save A Life

When Freddie died Effy's hart-, hart was broken

Freddie/Effy - Crawl

Freddie/Effy in 20 seconden

After Freddie's death

Luke Pasqualino interview for elleadore.com !

I`m so sorry (Luke Pasqualino & Lee Hyori)

i know you're gone (freddie&karen)

i caught myself [freddie/emily]

Just to feel alive | Freddie and Emily

Freddie/Emily - I could do most anything to u

breakeven [ freddie/emily ]

freddie/emily;; down

Coming to Terms; Freddie/Katie

katie & freddie | girlfriend

Freddie & Cook | Signs

Freddie and Karen - Alfie

Cook + Freddie • Dirty Little Secret

Freddie & Cook - I Want u

rest. in. peace.


Freddie Mclair // Throw my hands up in the air \\

sweet disposition [freddie mclair]

Closure// Freddie Mcclair: RIP

rest in peace, freddie mcliar.

Freddie/JJ/Cook - Run Away // voorbeeld

RIP, freddie mclair. ♥

RIP Freddie Mclair: Please remember

freddie mcclair, r.i.p

Freddie// Now i never had the chance

Skins/// Freddie/Effy// A Thousand Years

''I'll fight them'' | Freddie & Effy

Freddie... :(

Freddie//Effy: Not Like I Care

effy freddie - never say never

Freddie/Effy: Rain [Skins MV]

She really does love you, u know. | Skins | Freddy/Effy [4x07] SPOILERS

Don't Say - Freddie/Effy

Effy&Freddie ll My Skin

Freddie/Effy: Ender

give me a reason {freddie effy cook}

Freddie & Effy |4x05|

u zei that u would die for me; freddie/effy

freddie and effy - into my arms

Freddie & Effy .:Tear it Out:.

Freddie & Effy // Awake

Effy//Freddie Happiness (Happy B-Day Kairinilluciyuna)

.:Freddie&Effy:.look how they shine for u

Freddie & Effy // Gorecki

effy and freddie; "...because i love you"

Freddie and Effy // Shattered ( INSTRUMENTAL )

Freddie/Effy/Cook - According to u [vidlet]

Effy/Freddie - Soulmates never die


freddie/effy - lonely world

Boston: Freddie/Katie

Freffy // If We Ever Meet Again [vidlet]

"You've made me weak" 4x05 | Effy&Freddie

Skins 4x05 - Freddie/Effy - Hallelujah

dizzy (freddie/effy/cook)

Effy/Freddie - Miss u love

Effy;Freddie;Cook || Howl [to Elin]

Freddie & Effy - Iris

Skins 4 // Episode 5 // Freddie voorbeeld

Freddie & Effy - Smile again (le igen)

With Eyes Wide Shut (Freddie/Effy)

Strange and Beautiful - Effy & Freddie

Crush: Freddie/Effy

Effy and Freddie;;City of Dreams;;

Freddie/Effy: Use Somebody

Freffy // Use Somebody


Freddie/Katie | Pieces

Effy/Freddie - We Cry

Freddie/Effy - Outside

Until We Bleed - Freddie & Cook/Effy/Karen (Spoilers 4x08)

Freddie & Effy - On brand

freddie/emily; u found me.

Freddie/Katie;; voorbeeld

would u lie with me? (freddie/ effy)

Skins 4x05 ( Freddie/Cook/Effy)- Older

cook+freddie; use somebody

Freddie// Shattered (Skins)